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  2017 News Archives

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Congrats to the 2017 FPW World Champs:

Open Pairs: Ryan Young / James Wiseman
Womens Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs / Bianca Strunz
Mixed Pairs: Lori Daniels / James Wiseman
Co-op: Florian Hess / Christain Lamred / Alex Leist

Freddy Finner and Manuel Cesari won pairs and Andrea Izzo and Giulia Aretano won mixed at the 2017 Lazzaroni event in San Lazzaro di Savena, Italy (Dec 16-17, 2017)

Tom Leitner and Marco 'Cujo' Chessa won pairs and Fabiana Ciciriello and Andrea Rimatori won mixed and Tom and Fabio Nizzo won the first ever 'Westerfield Challenge' throw and catch division at Anzio Jam 4 on Rivazzura Beach near Rome, Italy (Oct 7-8, 2017)

Tom Leitner, Mehrdad Hosseinian and Jason Salkey won co-op with a 'dropless' routine and Tom and Anna Merlot won mixed pairs and Tom and Les Bryant won the 'Westerfield Challenge' throw and catch division at the 3rd annual Jam Britannia event in London, England (Nov 11-12, 2017)

Larry Imperiale / Paul Kenny won pairs and Bianca Strunz / Juliana Korver won women's at the WFDF Overall Championships in Basingstoke, England. (July 28-29, 2017)

Edoardo Turri and Freddy Finner won the 2017 Amsterjam at Zandvoort Beach near Amsterdam, NL (Jul 15-16, 2017)

Ryan Young / James Wiseman won pairs and the Turbo Jam at the Potlach event in Potlach, Oregon (July 1-2, 2017)

Sascha Hohne and Jakub Kostel won pairs, Christian Lamred / Florian Hess / Alex Leist won co-op and Sascha Hohne / Bianca Strunz won mixed at the German Championships in Karlsruhe, Germany (July 1-2, 2017)

Markus Goetz / Sascha Hohne won the Munich Mash hat event in Munich, Germany (June 23-24, 2017)

Claudio Cigna and Manuel Cesari won pairs and co-op with their partner Freddy Finner and Andrea Rimatori and Ilka Simon won mixed at the Italian Frisbee Open in Rome, Italy (June 10-11, 2017)

Ryan Young / James Wiseman won pairs and co-op with their partner Randy Silvey and Ryan also won mixed with Kate Gester at the American Freestyle Open in Austin, TX (June 10-11, 2017)

Makki Hein / Jan Schreck won the Spring Berlin hat event. (May 27, 2017)

Ryan Young / James Wiseman won pairs and James and Lori Daniels won mixed at the 20th annual Jammers event in Jacksonville, FL (May 27-28, 2017)

Ryan Young / Randy Silvey won the Virginia States in Fredericksburg, VA (April 21-23, 2017)

Marco Prati /Chris Bellaj / Andrea Rimatori / Filippo Bortot / Francesco Santolin won the Team Battle at the 2017 Paganello event in Rimini, Italy. (April 14, 2017)

Pepyn Tavernier won the solo battle and Pepyn and Philipp Schellworth won the team battle at the first Beljam in Gent, Belgium (May 20-21, 2017)

Gordon Brown and Steffen Verstichel won the Saturday hat and Gordon Brown and Andy Absolom won the Sunday hat at 'The quest for the black fingernail' event in Brighton, England (May 12-13, 2017)

James Wiseman and Mattia Colombari won the first 'Jam Canaria' event at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria island, Spain (March 10-11, 2017)

Mehrdad Hosseinian / Paul Kenny won pairs, Florian Hess / Christain Lamred / Alex Leist won co-op, Ilka Simon / Anna Merlo won women's, Ilka Simon / Paul Kenny won mixed, Steffen Verstichel and Naïm Megassabi won the battle event and Rick LeBeau – Juliana Korver won the challenger pairs at the Frisbeer Cup in Prague, Czech Republic (Mar 2-3, 2017)

Phil Kruger / Stefan Dunkel / Ilka Simon won the Berlin winter hat event. (Feb 4, 2017)

Freddy Finner / Christian Lamred won pairs at the 'In den Hallen' winter hat tournament in Karlsruhe, Germany (January 6-7, 2017)

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