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Event Results

Congrats to the 2023 FPA World Champs:

Open Pairs: Daniel O'Neill / James Wiseman
Women's Pairs: Katy Gima / Angela Maria Avendaño Rubio
Mixed Pairs: Ilka Simon / James Wiseman
Open Co-op: Ryan Young / James Wiseman / William Ho

James Wiseman won 3 divisions at The 2023 FPA World Championships: with Daniel O'Neill in pairs, with Ilka Simon in mixed and with Ryan Young and William Ho in co-op. Katy Gima and Angela Maria Avendaño Rubio won the Women's title in Medellin, Colombia (August 21-27, 2023)

Tom Leitner and Marco Prati won pairs, Silvina Porsch won mixed pairs with Pepijn Tavernier and women's pairs with Emilia Zoila and Tom Leitner and Roberto Borghesi won the Westerfield Challenge at the 10th Anzio Jam at Rivazzura Beach in Anzio, Italy (Oct 7-8, 2023)

Mateusz Gajewski & Anton Chapelle won pairs, Zofia Wilczek & Oliver Petrus won mixed and Kuba Opaluch won the TurboShred and the Co-op Shred with Toby Künzel & Mateusz Gajewski at the 2023 Sandslash event in Debki, Poland. Also, a special merit award was given to those who contributed the most to Spread the Jam over the years in Poland: Michał Maciołek and Konrad Patris. (Aug 20-21, 2023)

Celebrating nearly 20 years of "All Star Thursdays" in New York City! Thanks to Paul Mondeshire for chronicling the gatherings... All Star Thursdays

Anka Radwanska / Tom Leitner won the 21st AmsterJam in Zandvoort, Netherlands (July 22-23, 2023)

At the 2nd Anzio Spring Jam, Edoardo “Edo' Favorini / Tom 'Lightning' Leitner / Andrea 'Rimella' Rimatori tied for first with Anka 'Radical' Radwanska / Fabio 'Ninja' Nizzo / Francesco 'Cesco' Santolin. Francesco Santolin / Emilia Zoila won mixed and Ilka Simon / Alessandro Tamassini won the Westerfield Challenge at Rivazzura Beach, Anzio Italy (May 13-14, 2023)

Daniel O'Neill / Brett Schramek went 'dropless' to win the 2023 Virginia States - Fredericksburg, VA (April 21-22, 2023)

Stefan Dunkel won pairs with Mehrdad Hosseinian, co-op with Andrea Rimatori and Mehrdad and also won mixed with Ilka Simon. Cologne, Germany (April 14-15, 2023)

Anka Radwanska and Antonio 'Piccio' Cusma won pairs and Marco Prati and Emilia Zoila won mixed at the Paganello Freestyle Challenge in Rimini, Italy (April 8-9, 2023)

James Wiseman and Daniel O'Neill won pairs, Edoardo Turri / Benedicte Audet won mixed, Andrea Festi, Riccardo Montanari and Francesco Santolin won co-op, Katy Gimma / Benedicte Audet won women's pairs, Anka Radwanska and Zofia Wilczek won 'best move' at the Frisbeer Cup in Prague, Czech. (Feb 24-26, 2023)

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