The Freestyle Players Association World Championships were held at Mariners Point in Mission Bay Park, San Diego. 4 teams of Pros and 2 talented Juniors were crowned World Champions over the weekend of Oct 19-21, 2001. The tournament was a huge sucess as players across America and around the world converged on sunny San Diego for 3 days of fun and competition.

The team of Stacy McCarthy and Amy Schiller won the womens' division with a high difficulty, acrobatic routine. In Open Pairs Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis edged out the rest of the field with flawless execution and highly integrated co-ops. In Mixed Pairs Mary Jorgenson and Dan Yarnel each won their first mixed pairs title with a smooth, consecutive routine. Open Co-op (3 person teams) was won with flare by the team of Aurthur Coddington, Dave Lewis and Dave Schiller.

You can check out the final results from the event below. Next year the Championships will be held in Boston, MA - see ya there!

Womens Pairs
1. Amy Schiller/Stacy McCarthy
2. Cindy Kruger/Lisa Hunrichs-Silvey
3. Nikki Ross/Deanna Ross
4. Judy Robbins/Anne Graves

Open Pairs
1. Arthur Coddinngton/Dave Lewis
2. Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenny
3. Dave Murphy/Joel Rogers
4. Matt Gauthier/Jake Gauthier
5. Dave Schiller/Tommy Leitner
T6. Peter Laubert/Lee Harper
T6. Randy Silvey-Hunrichs/Dan Yarnell
8. Greg Riley/Mark Blakemore

Mixed Pairs
1. Mary Jorgenson/Dan Yarnell
2. Nikki Ross/Dave Murphy
3. Judy Robbins/Larry Imperiale
4. Lori Daniels/Paul Kenny
5. Lisa Hunrichs-Silvey/Arthur Coddington
6. Anne Graves/Tommy Leitner

Open Co-op
1. Dave Schiller/Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis
2. Randy Silvey/Paul Kenny/Dan Yarnell
3. Larry Imperiale/Tommy Leitner/Dave Murphy
4. Pat Marron/Carlos 'Pipo' Lopez/Jeff Kruger
5. Peter Laubert/Lee Harper/Danny Sullivan
6. Steve Hanes/Greg Riley/Mark Blakemore
7. Matt Gauthier/Jake Gauthier/Bob Boulware

Juniors Girls
1. Nikki Ross
2. Deanna Ross
3. Qxhna Titcomb

Juniors Boys
1. Zach Montes

Here are some hand held video highlights of a few jams after the tournament... be forewarned - they're pretty shaky.

Pat does nuerons in mobop - jam.avi (2.8 MB)

Cindy hits a phlaud pull - jam2.avi (1.4 MB)

Lots o' rolls - jam3.avi (1.3 MB)

Bob and Jamie gettin' down - jam4.avi (1.3 MB)

Good disc movement, Magman, Pipo, Lisa and friends - jammin.avi (1.9 MB)

Judy, Dave L and Bob (and Jimi too) - judy_dave_jimi.avi (1.1 MB)

Murp brushing run - murph_brush_co.avi (2.5 MB)

Thursday sunset - sunnset_vid.avi (792 MB)

Sunday sunset jam - sunset_jam.avi (1.9 MB)

Sunday sunset jam 2 - sunset_on_the_field.avi (1.3 MB)