2003 Tournament Results

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28th Annual Arizona State Overall Championships
November 8-9, 2003
Vista Del Camino, Scottsdale, AZ

Hi everyone, I know I'm a bit behind with the official results of what happened at AZ States, but of course, an extra day of play on Monday took me away from the computer and certainly icing my sore knee also took precedence. Those who came out to Sunday's event for the second half of the Semi-final round and final round of freestyle were not disappointed. The only draw-back of the weekend was the unavailable electricity in order to run the sound system. We were left with boom-boxes to fill in the void...which wasn't ideal, but practical in the situation. Of course, it didn't dampen the atmosphere and the play. In the semi final round Pool A, the results were:

Top four advanced to the final round. In the final round, no team had a completely "clean" round until the last seeded team. A standing ovation prompted tournament director Harvey Brandt to award the winners on the spot without having to calculate any scores. Most of the other teams played well, but had various difficulties within the 5 minute routines. The weather was perfect under the lights and all couldn't use any wind factors to blame the mistakes that were made. However, exhaustion (or a few too many margaritas) may have played a factor for some of the competitors at the end. Congratulations to all who came down to AZ and played their hearts out!!!

    Finals Results:

    1st Randy Silvey/Matt Gauthier
    2nd tie Lisa Silvey/Mary Lowry/Cindy Kruger
    2nd tie Rodney Sanchez/Jeff Kruger
    4th Judy Robbins/Tom Lasher
    5th Anne Graves/Tom Gleason
    6th Craig Simon/ Lee Harper
    7th John Houck/Matt Hull
    8th Tony Pellican/Conrad Damon

- Judy

2003 Pro Disc Freestyle World Championships
Rimini, Italy
Sept 5-7, 2003

See the complete results


This tournament was so well run! From the grandstands, to the warmup area under a big tent, to the large red carpet playing area, the sound system, the media coverage and of course the warm and friendly people making sure everyone was taken care of at all times. Clay, Lui, Jumpy, Manu and all the Cota & Tequilla staff deserve the highest praises for an outstanding event. It was the largest crowd to witness an FPA Worlds final as well as the largest international participation ever. Everyone who was new to freestyle was literally blown away by the high level of play and the openess of the established players towards all the new palyers. There was over 70 players - including more than 10 that had learned to play in the past 6 months! This may turn out to be the type landmark event that helps transform a sport. What a tremendous year this has been for freestyle!!!

Players came from 13 countries: Hungary (2), Switzerland (3), Holland (2), Sweden (6), Norway (1), Denmark (1), England (1), France (4), Israel (1), Cananda (1), Germany (1), Puerto Rico (1), Italy (30+) and America (20+).

Not all the players competed but I think everyone had a very memorable and wonderful time. The wind was strong for the finals so teams had to scramble a bit to hit their moves but the crowd was very appreciative of the extra effort and stayed to watch the final routines perform. The number of spectators at a single time was around 600, and over the course of the weekend there was well over 3,000 spectators. Many different local and national television and news media covered the event as well.

When the final results were posted there were many firsts...It was the first time an all Sweden team made it to the Open finals of the FPA Worlds, and the first time a Swedish team took top 3 in Women, Sune is the fist player from Norway to win an FPA World title, Clay's 3rd place finish in Open pairs was the highest finish ever by an Italian at the FPA Worlds. Congratulations to all the winners and all the competitors for the great spirit shown all weekend! Also, props to Randy Silvey who won the Spirit of the Jam award!!!

But the results and records took a back seat to new friendships made and the great hospitality shown by our Italian hosts - Grazie Italia!!! Hope to see you all again next year in Italy!

2003 Narragansett Freestyle Frisbee Beach Jam
Narragansett, RI
July 26, 2003

The World Disc Games
July 6-13, 2003
Santa Cruz, CA USA

What an incredible turnout for the 2003 World Disc Games, it was great to see everybody come to our humble town to compete, play and party together! The weather couldn't have been any better - sunny every day with highs in the mid 70's and a soft ocean breeze. 2 rounds of preliminaries on the beautiful fields at UCSC led up to Friday's much anticipated semi finals indoors at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.

Semi Finals

The first round in the Open division was absolutely smokin'! The trouble is when so many teams play well that one or more team that played well doesn't advance. This was the case for the Velasquez brothers who, despite a few mistakes, played brilliantly. The 4 teams that followed all knew they had to play their best or be on the sidelines for the finals, and each team did what they had to do to advance in one of the best semi final rounds in recent memory.

The women's semi went pretty much as expected with the top 4 teams advancing to the final. It was fun to see new pairings in the women's division - and it looked like each team had put a good amount of time into their routines which added to the anticipation of Saturday's Final at Cabrillo.

The second round in the Open division had some great moments but overall the play did not compare to the earlier pool. Perhaps because of the late start time - the last team to play Ted and Dave M. started their routine before midnight and finished just after midnight Saturday morning.

Women's Final

In the Women's final Mary Lowery and Judy Robbins hit enough big combos - including Mary's sick bad attitude catch and digitronic and Judy's awesome 50-50-50 roll, to take the gold. Lisa and Cindy came away with silver after a very promising start to their routine led to a couple costly breaks in flow. They deserve a lot of credit for battling back several times and getting their routine back on track. Third place went to Lori Daniels (a newly crowned world champion for her win in DDC) and her partner Anne Graves. These ladies look good together as their styles compliment each other very well. Mandy Carriero and Bethany Sanchez took forth place with a nice routine finishing less than 3 points out of medal contention.

Open Pairs Final

Congratulations to Arthur and Dave on their win...I am waiting to see the video before I can report on this round since I was warming up during most of the routines.

There were lots of familiar faces on the sidelines:

Stork (who incidentely retired from his WFDF position at the tourney), John Kirkland (who won DDC w/ Greensage), Tom Boda, Tom Shephard, Evan David, Z, San Francisco's Sun Ray Hawk and Dave Zooninis, Modesto Mutant Evan Furtado, Ron Kaufman, Craig Simon, Jon Anthony, Glen Whitlock, Joan Amberg, Heather Gray, Richie Bartal, Mark "Dr Disc" Atherton, Tom Sahlit, Doug "stat man" Korns, Johnny "Air" O'Malley, Farmer Mike and Tam, Beast, Carl Dobson, Melissa Trail, Matt Gauthier, Dave and Amy Schiller, Steve Hubbard and Carolyn Yabe, Marco Regalbuti, Tom Cole and many others.

June 22-27, 2003
Madison, WI

See pictures of the event at http://www.kutzphotography.com/discworlds/masters/index.htm

June 14-15, 2003
Parco De Terimo, Milan, Italy

See pictures from the event!

The Vagolino freestyle tournament was awesome! It was organized by Maurizio Ranieri and 1977 Italian Frisbee Champion Valentino De Chiara - he is known as the "Padre del Italiano Frisbee" (The Father of Italian Frisbee).

There were 24 jammers over the course of the weekend including several new players. A few of the younger players were adding break dance to their moves which reminded me of Morgan's freestyle breakdancing. The tournament is named after Morgan's dog and is a tribute to the late freestyler who made Milan his home. Morgan's parents were on hand and were very happy to see the large turn out of players and the great spirit exhibited by everyone.

Rohre and Vehro Titcomb came down from North of Milan, Carlo, Andrea "python", Simone and Marco come up from Rome. And from Milan: Massimo, Lorenzo, Seba, Toni, Zio, Tistee, Johnny Melfi, Angelo Enrico, Claudia, Andrea, Paulo, Eliza and Francesca and several new players all came out to play.

Team Cukka Ukka (Clay, Lorenzo and 'Stylenando') was unable to attend because they were performing at a big event in Rimini which turned out to be a big success and may help gain more sponsorship for this years FPA Worlds.

The finals on Sunday saw the top 4 teams from the Saturday preliminary and Sunday semi-final rounds compete.

Taking 4th place was the Roman team of Simone and Marco. Simone won the Skippy Sez 'most improved' award last year and he and Marco showed why they deserved to be in the finals - hitting a wide variety of moves including Marco's handstand catch and Simone's Bad Attitude delay.

Moving up in the ranks and suprising many was the 3rd place team of Carlo from Rome and Andrea from Milan. They had upset the Italian Nike team of Toni and Massimo earlier in the day to make the finals. ("Piccio" and 'Mes' performed at 5 Nike events across Italy - Milan, Torino, Catania, Napoli and Roma - spreading the jam to more new places in Italia.)

Andrea has improved very much since this years Paganello - he hit some nice air catches and big scarecrows. Carlo played very solid - he is great to watch because he has such a unique and flowing style - combining athleticism with balance. These guys were stoked to get into the top 3!

Taking 2nd place were last years Vagolino Champions Enrico and Claudia. They showed some really nice co-ops and very advanced indivual combinations - including double legovers, connecting-the-nuerons, smooth body rolls and double spinning catches. A few less drops and they might have been repeat champs.

But this year the title of Vagolino Champs went to the Milan team of Lorenzo and Sebastian. These guys flat out shredded! Hitting some awesome roll series, gitis pull outs and barrel catches straight out of an old Donny Rhodes video. They also had a side bet that if they won the tournament they would get a tatoo of the dog, Vagolino on their arm - we will see come Rimini if this is true. Congratuations to Lorenzo and Seba! And props to Zio, Tistee, Valentino and everyone who helped make the tournament happen.


- Tom

Jammers Championship
May 31 - June 1, 2003
Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, FL

Folks...a quick update...The winds were strong off the land presenting a big challenge to the jammers. Amazingly, all the teams got hot despite the less than ideal conditions. The vibe is fantastic and today's jam will clean out the margaritas from last night...More in the upcoming Forum!!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and shredding up Mikondo Beach!!!!

San Diego Beach Tournament
April 26-27, 2003
Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

See pictures of this event at The California Channel

Hello Jam World!

Here in San Diego this past weekend, the skies were blue, the tide was low, the wind was steady, the jamming was EPIC, and the party rocked! The results were:

My deepest thanks go out to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this event a success.....THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Mark Williams was on hand to video this event...It will be available soon.

Pick it on up and you'll see what I mean by EPIC.

Z ya later!!!!

Peter Laubert
Tournament Director

2003 Virginia State Overall Championship
April 13, 2003
Fredericksburg, VA
We had two beautiful, sunshine-filled days with puffy winds and 65-70 degree temperatures this past weekend at the 2003 Virginia State Overall Frisbee Championships in Fredericksburg. As always, there was an appreciative crowd of overall competitors and fans for the freestyle event, and they witnessed two rounds of fine freestyle action. A total of ten teams made up two pools of five for the 3 1/2 minute first round, then six teams put on a good show of five minute routines in the finals.

The top three teams all played very well. Lasher and Brandt jammed smooth and efficient, hitting all their stuff and executing well. Doug, Joe and Rob pulled out their signature brand of spontaneity, pulling off some excellent stuff while suffering from two lulls in their flow that kept them from reaching the top of the podium. Ted, Scott and Pipo were the cream of the crop in both rounds of competition. All three played smooth and consecutively, hitting their difficulty with ease. Ted set the stage for this threesome by pushing the button on his triple spinning flamingo on his first catch in the first round. And Scott and Pipo followed suit in their own ways. Really nice to watch.

For those of you who have never been to a VA States, canŐt say how much fun this event is. It is a MUST do on any jammers calendar. Hope to see more of you there next year.

Seaside Super Hein
March 22, 2003
Seaside, OR

The first annual Seaside Super Hein has come to a close with dramatic beach jam on Sunday. The tourney was only one day long so we had all day sunday to jam on the beach! The weather looked bad early in the morning, but it blew out and and gave us all a treat that will no doubt be cherished for months to come.

Since this was a cumulative tournament, with three events, a points system was used. Most points wins. The results go like this: In open pairs taking first place was Arthur Coddington and Lisa hunrichs-Silvey

In Turbo Shred taking first place was Matt Gauthier

In Mob-op taking first place was Randy Silvey

Overall for the title:

This was a totally different format. But it was tons-o-fun. Hope to see all of you next year at Super Hein.

Do you have what it takes?


US Indoors
Jan 28, 2003
Driggs, ID

Well, the Fourth Biannual US Indoor Freestyle Championships have officially ended as I put Rob Fried on the airplane a few hours ago. In the interest of the list, I'll be posting the results now, and then those who want the real stories can read about it later after enough haze leaves my brain to remember all the highlights.

This year the event moved gyms, to a nicer, more low key facility. The freestyle began at 4 pm and warm up jams continued until 7:15 when we cleared the floor for the players meeting. Pat Marron and Paul Smith from Minnesota and Rob Fried and Roger Meier from NYC were the top seeds and the other jammers agreed to put their names in a hat and go random draw. The outcome was that John O'Malley played with John Titcomb in a round that saw John Titcomb elevate his game to new levels and win the Jamco gitis award for a consec gitis pull combo into a gitis. O'Malley played free and it seemed as though he was able to conjour up the wind inside the gym at points for his brushing game. Jonathan played with Z and these guys looked like they had a plan things went so smoothly. Bob Boulware and Tommy L went out with a classic go for it attitude that saw their risk going off the scale, but had a hard time sealing the combos.

Final Results are:

Rob Fried went off the scale during his round, Joey's influence on his game is evident. Pure flow mixed with surprise and risk, I think he did drop one but I can't remember how. Rob and Roger played the New YOrk flow game completely in character.

Last up was Paul Smith and Pat Marron. They opened with some high difficulty double disc work, and then evovled into their jam game mixing it up with nice flowing co ops. Even through some the's and a couple drops, they kept going for it, winning both the Risk and Vibe categories and ultimately edging the New York boys by a tenth.

More important info: It snowed, heavier than you would like, but soft fun to ski on. Although tough, it is possible to have a moonlit hot spring adventure. Organic is always better than chemical with regard to beer and goob and milk and fungi. Plastic indoors is better than no plastic at all.