1996 Comback of the Year

Proving again and again that Freestyle is a life time sport, players continue to drop out and re-emerge with little residue or ill effect. One of my favorite people to watch play has always been Krae Van Sickle. I had the opportunity to learn first hand how good he is when he spent time living with Evan David in Sonoma in 1981. He continued to play out of the lime light of formal competition so it was with great joy that I discoverd he had "come back". Krae was in days of old, known as the Frisbee Baby because his father, Ken Van Sickle was one of the old time greats and literally taught Krae how to play from the crib. He was a formidable distance champion in the late seventies and won the Rose Bowl Overall. He was always a freestyler extraordinaire though.

Another old Washington Square Wizard made a comeback last year. None other than the great Joey Hudoklin. Joey showed up in his old stomping grounds on NYC to show his considerable skills. He capped off the year with a stunning routine at Indian Summer. Other comebacks of note. Bill Wright deserves some credit here even though he never left except for a short time in the late 1980's. His credit comes from the fact that he is now the holder of the record of most years between major titles. 10 years had passed since his US Open victory in La Mirada until he stood on the victory stand at 1996 US Open Fort Collins.

Jeff Krueger worked long and hard to get himself back into shape for a run at some titles after a work related injury put him on the disabled list. Much thanks to him for carrying on so well.

Dave Murphy should have probably been at home or worse, in a hospital bed. Instead, he decided his partners Arthur Coddington and David Lewis were playing so well that he was willing to sacrifice for the common good. One thing about Murph, he's a class act.