1996 Routine of the Year

Unlike years past, this year featured some shredding routines, and winning this year is David Lewis and Arthur Coddington.
They performed a near perfect routine going dropless in the Finals of the FPA's in New York. Both of these guys have made drastic improvements to their play. A couple of years of making practically every tournament and oh by the way, winning them, showed as they bested a very competitive final.

Way out west and on a storied field in September, Tommy Leitner, Joey Hudoklin and Larry Imperiale made a bit of history by absolutely blowing away the field in the finals of Indian Summer at Sonoma State. This was a different kind of tourney than an FPA Worlds but still, this was out of this world.

The best routines of the year actually happened in Semi-Final rounds. This automatically disqualifies them from consideration because Sunday is when it counts. With that in mind. Joel Rogers and David Schiller of San Diego had perhaps the routine of their long and illustious pairs affiliation in the Semi's of FPA's.

On a nostalgic note, Jens and Erwin Velasquez reminded everyone how it is really supposed to be done by dusting off the rust and buffing the crust in the Semi's of the World Seniors in Boston. Another routine from that tourney deserves consideration. Larry Imperiale and Joel Rogers in the finals bested a very strong field.