1996 Most Under Rated

This guy is so smooth, so consistent, so business like that many times he is seemingly barely noticed. We'll start noticing because Danny Cameranesi is old school hot. Batta bing, batta boom he gets the job done, no frills all spills. Love to watch him jam.

Special mention goes out to the esteemed Mary Jorgenson. She get's nowhere near the credit she deserves. If I had a hall of fame she'd be like Babe Ruth, automatic.

Also rounding out the Rodney Dangerfield division:
John "Rapper" Houck. The compact disc player has many a mightly move and is a master of crafting and performing routines. Doug E. Fresh has gradually become a very accomplished player. Allen Elliot deserves credit as well as being solid throughout. Cindy Krueger works hard and long and it shows in her solid play.

Well that's all folks. Congratulations to all.

Remember to teach a friend to jam. Keep the flame lit.

Peace through spin.