Players of the Decade


This one was very close because of Stacy's partner Carolyn, however I give her the nod because her game has evolved more so than Carolyn's. It was also very close with Kate Dow. However the theme of these awards are titles as much as style of play. Kate is as tremendous a player you will find anywhere period. Kate has gone through periods of time when she didn't compete at all and at that time Stacy and Carolyn were peaking as Women's champions.

But in the end it is Stacy who recieves the award. Stacy not only made a habit of winning (along with Carolyn) every women's division every year but by doing it with a distinct style and a competitive drive that was lacking in the division. With Stacy that was not enough. She looked to the Open division for challenges and included the techniques used by top open players into her own repatoire.

Even though she was not active the entire decade she made such grand and sweeping changes in the division that she is far ahead of her time.

Other players gaining recognition are g. rose, Laura Engle, Margaret Curtis and Connie Bond.

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