Players of the Decade

As I mentioned previously, there are no clear cut winners and the intent of this article is to create some healthy debates and opinions on who deserves the awards. There is no doubt that each and every person we mention more than qualifies for the awards. We have been blessed with many worthy champions all who wear the mantle well. The following is the sole opinion of the Editor.


JOEY HUDOKLIN If there is a clear cut winner in any division, it is this one. To many, this person epitomizes freestyle. There are no technical flaws in his play. He is as innovative and creative as anyone. He has enormous crust. Most of all he has won everything there is to win at least twice. Plus he won more titles than anyone by a wide margin. If anyone has given their all to the sport it is Joey. He has effected change in the world of freestyle to such a degree that it is impossible to imagine the sport without him.

Other players that need mentioning are: Bill Wright. Bill rose to prominance with the Coloradicals but also proved himself by winning World titles in pairs, Coop and Mixed. He has won virtually everything including Indoor titles, titles won in windstorms, cold, heat, rain and probable fog as well as smog. Skippy Jammer. Skippy is hard to figure. Just when you think he's getting old and in the way he starts winning everything . . . again. Rick Castiglia. Casio is probably the most technically sound player on the planet and if I had an award for it, most consistant. Chip Bell. Chipper was the first Rad dude. Everyone can remember when they first saw him play. Tom Leitner. The raddest dude around today. And he has quite a list of titles over the last few years. Jim Schmal and Deaton Mitchell. They get plenty of mention late. Larry Imperiale. If he had'nt been injured he would be right at the top of the list. He is still regarded as one of the all time greats.

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