Players of the Year, 1990
1990 was another one of those years where no one person dominated. However, once the tide went out and we were left with the results, the nominees were; Larry Imperiale, Rick Castiglia, Steve Hubbard and Dave Schiller. In the end I've got to give a high five to Rick Castiglia. The Team Captain of Art of Disc has had many rewarding Seasons.

1990 was a year to remember for Rick Casio, He directed his team to a near flawless routine at the US Open (2nd by .02) then followed that by one of the most amazing routines of his life at the FPAs in Santa Cruz. He also gave a clinic in what a Mixed Routine should look like in winning his first FPA Mixed title with long time partner Stacey Anderson. Belated congratulations to Rick on a great year.

Routine of the Year

1990 was actually a year that had some great routines. The nominees were Team Sideout/US Open, Art of Disc/ US Open and Art of Disc/FPA Santa Cruz. The nod goes to Art of Disc/FPA Santa Cruz. This routine will stand the test of time and is what I consider one of the great routines of all time along with Coloradicals/Fort Collins 1983, Hudoklin & Brooks/Ft Collins 1984 and Velasquez Bros./ Rose Bowl 1976. Unreal. Not that the other routines were shabby mind you, the other two would win in any other year but not this year.

Comeback of the Year

Evan David where have you been? The old Style master from the 70s helped define the future direction of the sport with his form conscious technical approach and was a powerful force leading into the 80s. Due to Evans eclectic nature, he pursued other artistic endeavors and was only seen Beach jamming on the Laguna Beach shores. It was indeed a pleasure to see him go re-retro with the 119g game at the U.S. Open with Joey and Captain C. He has obviously not lost his touch.

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