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The Freestyle Players Association, (FPA) is a private, nonprofit corporation.
{designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.}

Check out the FPA web site at Freestyledisc.org and become a member of the FPA today!

The Freestyle Players Association (FPA), established in 1978, is an organization dedicated to the growth of freestyle disc play as a lifetime recreation and a competitive sport. In the recreation realm, the FPA provides an Education and Outreach program which facilitates and encourages players to Spread the Jam. In the competitive realm, its objectives center around channeling the invaluable ideas of players into the formation of competition formats that a majority of interested players find acceptable. The organization also seeks to develop administrative and judging talent from its own ranks to carry out these formats, as well as increase player awareness to the intricacies of competitive freestyle. For both realms, the FPA is a collective bargaining force that protects and promotes the interests of freestyle disc players.

Three major factors prompted the organization's formation in 1978. First, it was evident that player input was having minimal impact on the evolution of freestyle in the major tournaments at that time. Secondly, there was a growing realization that freestylists were becoming a group of specialists, playing a separate sport. Being a separate sport, it was apparent that freestyle had its own problems and special concerns. Finally, it was recognized that the freestyle community had immense talent and was the most legitimate body to turn to for direction in the evolution of freestyle.

The organization involves itself with tournaments in three ways. The first is to simply accredit any tournament that offers freestyle. The second is to extend sanctioning to a tournament which follows the rules and guidelines of the FPA. The third is to sponsor a tournament as part of the "FPA Tour." The FPA's principle artery of communication is the FPA Forum. This publication reports news pertinent to freestyle disc play and provides players with a platform to suggest, discuss, and vote on policies that make up how our sport is administered.

The FPA's financial life began with twenty dollars of a player's money and has since financed itself through the efforts of the player-based membership and manufacturer sponsorship. The mutual economic benefit that can be derived by promotional involvement of manufacturers is welcomed by the FPA to the sport of freestyle frisbee. However, our freedom and legitimacy as a pure athletic endeavor is our highest priority.

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