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2004 - Year in Review

by Tom Leitner
December 21, 2004

Wow, what another great year for freestyle, in 2004 the number of events more than doubled: we went from 13 events in 2003 to 30 in 2004. That's the most events we've had in freestyle in 9 years!

Words about Worlds

Even broken ribs couldn't keep Larry Imperiale from adding another major title and increasing his lead on the All-Time list with his 17th major freestyle titles, 1 ahead of Joey Hudoklin. Arthur and Dave were the first team to win back to back pairs titles since Deaton Mitchel and Jim Benson won their 4th straight in 1986. Joey Hudoklin and Dan Yarnel have also won in back to back years but with different partners.

Toddy and Pipo also had banner years winning a number of events and Toddy took home his first World Title. Matt Gauthier also showed us what can happen when you practice all winter long by winning his first Major with Lisa Silvey in what may have been the routine of the year.

Lisa Silvey once again took 2 more majors and passed Laura Engel and Suzanne Strait on the All-Time list and moving into a 6th place tie with Judy Robbins and rose with 8 major women or mixed titles. But she has got quite a way to go before catching up with Stacy McCarthy with a record 20 majors!

The US Tour

This year we had 17 US Events including big turnouts for the Seaside Superhein, the VA States, The Jacksonville'Jammers', the Masters and Arizona States. Next year is going to be quite a ride with the World Disc Games, Superhein and the FPA Worlds happening in back to back to back weekends in July!

The European Tour

Freestyle continues to grow at a fast pace in Europe...

  • The number of European Freestyle Events increased from 3 to 13 in just 2 years!
  • There were first time events in 6 new locations. (Nuremberg Germany, Podersdorf & Hohenzell Austria, Viareggio Italy, Paris France and Savion Israel)
  • 4 European events had 40 players or more attend. (Paganello, Amsterjam, FPA Worlds and EFC)
  • The estimated number of freestylers in Europe has grown from 45 to over 200 in less than 5 years.


    Now for some trivia.

    1. Who is the only man to win at least one major at every freestyle major?

    2. Name the only player who has won a major in 4 different decades?

    3. What player has won the most major mixed division titles?

    4. What player has won the most majors this millenium?

    5. Who has won the most US Open titles?

    6. Name the 2 non-US players who have won an FPA World title?

    7. What year was the nail delay invented?

    8. What is the highest finish by a Italian player at an FPA Worlds event?

    9. What players have won the most consecutive US Open titles?

    10. Who has won the most FPA co-op Titles?

    11. Who won the most majors in one year?

    12. What Women's team besides Carolyn and Stacy won 3 consecutive major women's titles?

    Check out the All Time Leaders page for clues to the answers.

    The first person to email me (toml@freestyle-frisbee.com) with all the correct answers gets a signed Amsterjam T-shirt!

  • Quick Links

    the best freestyle video collection on the net! (by Fabio Sanna in Trieste, Italy)

    Check out the player profiles at the official web site of the FPA (by Larry Imperiale in Colorado, US)
    a great way to learn new freestyle moves, take a trip to heinsville! (by Jake Gauthier in Oregon, US)

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