The first ever California Freestyle Open took place as part of the Dried Plum Festival in Yuba City, California last weekend and the event prooved to be a huge success. A much larger than expected player turnout helped fuel a very competitive finals where several teams performed nearly flawless routines. Team travelled from Colorado, Washington, Oregon and from all across California to play - including 2 current World Champions: Cindy Kruger and Larry Imperiale.

Working with Brynda and the rest of the Festival staff was a pleasure and they made running the event fun and hassle free. I'm very excited to announce that we've been invited back to do it again next year.

Thanks to all the players who travelled far and wide to be here and many thanks to Brynda and her friendly and efficient staff for making this one of the best freestyle events of the year!


    Open Pairs

    1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis
    2. Tommy Leitner/Dave Murphy
    3. Matt Gauthier/Jake Gauthier
    4. Lisa Hunrichs-Silvey/Cindy Kruger
    5. Dan Swanson/Jeff Kruger
    6. Larry Imperiale/Greg Riley
    T7. Randy Silvey/Bob Boulware
    T7. Jamie Chantiles/Diego Gamboa
    T9. Carl Dobson/Mark Regalbuti
    T9. Anne Graves/Carolyn Yabe

    Mixed Pairs

    1. Lisa Hunrichs-Silvey/Arthur Coddington
    2. Anne Graves/Dave Lewis
    3. Cindy Kruger/Jeff Kruger
    4. Carlyn Yabe/Steve Hubbard
    5. Tam Wolfe/Jake Gauthier
    6. Melissa Trail/Tommy Leitner

    Random Co-op

    Matt/Jeff/Mike E.
    Dave M./Johnny O/Doug K.
    Dave L./Bob/Greg
    Larry/Randy/Mark/Mike G.



If you don't already have the quicktime movie player you can download it here:

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