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Event Results

Fabio Sanna and Freddy Finner won pairs, Edoardo Turri, Marco Prati and Manuel Cesari won co-op, Edoardo Turri and Maxine Mittempergher won mixed and Bianca Strunz and Benedicte Audet won women's at The Italian Freestyle Open 2019 in Trento, Italy (June 7-9, 2019)

Christian Lamred and Mehrdad Hossenian won pairs, Freddy Finner, Fabian Dinklage and Jakub Kostel won co-op and Sascha Scherzinger and Johanna Wurfschon won mixed at the 2019 German Championships in Freiburg, Germany. (May 31-June 1, 2019)

Daniel O'Neil, Jake Gauthier and Dave Murphy edged James Wiseman and Joey Hudoklin to win the Jammers event in Jacksonville Beach, FL. (May 18-19, 2019)

Silvina Porsch won the solo battle and also the pairs battle with Greg Lo a-Sjoe at the 3rd annual BelJam in Ghent, Belgium. (May 19, 2019)

Daniel O'Neil and James Wiseman won the Virginia States event in Fredericksburg, VA. (April 27-28, 2019)

Paul Kenny and James Wiseman won the 'Holy Jam' in Tel Aviv, Israel. (March 8-9, 2019)

James Wiseman and Mehrdad Hossenian won pairs, Daniel O'Neil, James Wiseman and Ryan Young won co-op and Edoardo Turri and Maxine Mittempergher won mixed. (March 1-3, 2019)

Berlin beats New York in the "City vs. City" finals - online streaming battle event - held simultaneously in Berlin and NYC. (February 9, 2019)

Alex Leist and Christian Lamred edged out Freddy Finner and Fabian Dinklage to win the 'In den Hallen 2019' event in Karlsruhe, Germany. (February 2-3, 2019)

Federico 'Biko' Iommi and Marco 'Cujo' Chessa won the Capocotta Xmas Hat event on the beach near Rome, Italy. (Dec 23, 2018)

Matteo Gaddoni, Marco Prati and Gian Luca Bertoncelli won co-op and Edoardo Turri and Maxine Mittempergher won mixed at the 'Il Lazzaroni' event in San Lazzaro di Savena, Italy. (Dec 15-16, 2018)

Congrats to the 2018 FPA World Champs:

Open Pairs: Ryan Young / James Wiseman
Womens Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs / Emma Kahle
Mixed Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs / Matt Gauthier
Co-op: Dave Schiller / Pavel Baranyk / Ryan Young

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