2000 Tournament Results

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  • FPA Worlds

  • Santa Cruz Beach Classic IV Santa Cruz, CA

  • World Freestlye Challenge Rimini, Italy

  • 25th Annual AZ State Overall Championships
    Nov 12
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Photos from the event

    Great weather...but chilly for AZ standards. Folks played into the evening on Sat. and Sun with temperatures in the low/mid 50's to low 60's. Fourteen teams total for freestyle...great jams all day...everyday! Many non-competitor jammers out for just the fun and sun (Pipo Lopez, Joel Rogers, Randy Silvey, Karl Storz, for example). I think all had a fantastic time!!! Thanks for everyone who helped make it all possible!
    With zzz's,

    Results of an eight team final:
    1 A. Coddington/ D. Lewis (68.8)
    2 L. Imperiale/P. Kenney/D. Cameranesi (66.2)
    3 L. Hunrichs-Silvey/ M.Jorgenson/ S. Hayes (61.1)
    4 P. Marron/ R. Sneider/J. Kruger (57.2)
    tie 5 J. Robbins/G. Hosfeld/ C. Kruger (55.7)
    tie 5 D. Yarnell/ S. Wentzel/D. Gamboa (55.7)
    7 B. Wright/L. Daniels/ M. Carrerio (49.1)
    8 C. Damon/ D. Hesselberth/P. Albers (scratch)

    Tampico Open VI
    Oct 28-29, 2000
    Santa Cruz, CA

    The sixth annual Tampico Open went down as scheduled on the beaches south of Santa Cruz over the weekend of October 28th and 29th. Saturday was a jam day amid intermittent rain showers. The wind stayed constitent all day however and some epic jamming was had by all.

    Sunday was an absolutely clear and gorgeous a day with warm steady breezes. The tide was high for the warm up jams but by tourney time, it was perfect. Routines were 8 minutes long. The first team featured John Titcomb from Seattle, Tam Wolfe from the United Flyers of Sonoma and the ever improving Melissa Jean Trail. The all passed the disc well, hit some big moves and warmed up the crowd. Some of the highlights were Tam's scarecrow catch, Melissa's big bad attitude and a stunning gitis by John Titcomb for the last catch, right on cue. He immediately announced that he had to leave to catch a flight. What a way to bow out! Tam (alien) and Melissa (skeleton) jammed in costume.

    The second team consisted of the UFOS Carl Dobson, Doug Korns and Mike Esterbrook. They featuted an elaborate passing game. Carl enhanced the jam with spinning catches. Doug went for some classic beach moves and looked as smooth as ever. Mike Esterbrook was playing great all weekend and continued his strong play here.

    Next up was Skippy Jammer, Tom Leitner, Joey Hudoklin and Mike Esterbrook once again. Mike was playing so well, that this team wanted him to stick around and get them going. And get going they did. The team pulled off some specatular moves, Skippy did 6 skids in a row (all different). Joey pulled off huge combination after huge combination. Tom caught what was perhaps his best "Roots" ever in competition. Mike continued to be the glue. The main aspect of play for this team was not individual moves but passing the disc. It was an intricate exchange that bordered on the edge and sometimes on the absurd leaving members giggling after some notable exchanges. Joey's wore a Lakers uniform with the number 8 and went had an assit to turnover ratio of infinity - a dozen assits and no turnovers.

    Last up was Mark "Buti" Regalbutti, Richie Smits and Paul Klimek. This team came out smoking too. Buti was fired up and in a shred or die mode from the get go. Paul Klimek played consistent pulling off some huge turnovers in strong wind. Richie looked like he had been transported back in time like some kind of time capsule. His play was superb all weekend and he hit nothing but big moves in the final - including a fully submerged water move with his shoes on. He is, in all likely hood, the most underrated players ever. In a beach environment with a steady breeze, he is one of the greatest ever for that style of play.

    A side note: This tourney marked the end of an era. Joey Hudoklin is moving back to New York City after living in California since 1978. It was at sometimes very emotional as he is loved by one and all and will be sorely missed. The one blessing is he is going back to NYC where the jam scene is thriving as always.

    Co-op Results
    1. Joey Hudoklin, Skippy Jammer, Mike Esterbrook, Tom Leitner
    2. Richie Smits, Mark Regalbutti, Paul Klimmek
    3. Doug Korns, Mike Esterbrook, Carl Dobson
    4. Melissa Trail, Tam Wolfe, John Titcomb
    5. Mike Cloud, Tom Sahlit, Sandy Kelp

    The Jammers' Championship
    Sept 16-17, 2000
    Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, FL

    Photos from the event

    Well...Execution...I'm all for it...
    The winds howled for the open semis and mixed finals and then calmed down so the rains could pour. In any case, the results were right out of survivor as exemplified by Toddy and Dan coming out, eating worms and bringing a snake charmer out with them. Because of the winds (25 or so), the results were skewed. Even though the results may not show it, some of the best shredding occurred from teams not making the cut. Specifically, Cindy and Terry Johnson (TJ) absolutely shredded. TJ loves wind and Cindy played as savvy as any. Carl Emerson and Jeff O'Brien hit some of the best moves of the day. Jeff has stuff I can only visualize on video! Buddy Adams and Scott Sailor had wicked strong moves but were bitten by the wind gods. Buddy hit his ordinary double spinning gitis from the old days (very old). In mixed, the wind gods again spoke loudly. Renee clearly had the move of the tournament, setting the disc way out, camping back putting on a monster pose and NAILING it big time. The Krugers peeled, especially Cindy, but were bitten again by the wind gods.

    In any case, two teams from each open field made the finals which now will be indoors after the demo at the Jaguars game. In any case, the results...

    Pool A:

    1. Pipo "ain't no wind yet" Lopez/Gregg "Uggo" Hosfeld
    2. Tommy Leitner/Dave Lewis
    3. Scott Sailor/Buddy Adams
    4. Vic Ouzoonian/Renee Pardo

    Pool B:

    1. Paul Kenny/Jeff Kruger
    2. Dan Yarnell/Toddy Brodeur
    3. Cindy Kruger/Terry Johnson
    4. Carl Emerson/Jeff O'Brien

    Mixed Pairs Finals

    1. Renee Pardo/Paul Kenny
    2. Cindy Kruger/Jeff Kruger

    More tomorrow...Paul Kenny

    Due to the conditions experienced in Saturday's outdoor rounds, two very important decisions were collectively made. First, a tribal destressification occurred at Cyclone Anaya's where medically pure tequila was offered to the gods of shred. Secondly, the Sunday round would be played in a gym.

    The group had excellent conditions for the Jacksonville Jaguars pregame demo, with light winds, a light drizzle and golf course green quality lawn with great drainage. The Jaguars decided late in the process to allow 10 performers do the pregame demo. All finalists were able to play. Dan Yarnell played with Toddy Brodeur, Tom Leitner played with Dave Lewis, Carlos "Pipo" Lopez played with Gregg Hosfeld, Jeff Kruger played with Paul Kenny, and Cindy Kruger played with Renee Pardo. All wore tournament embroidered golf shirts with an added embroidered commemorative patch on the sleeve. From what folks say, all were hitting hein combos.

    Hurricane Gordon was pummeling the Gulf Coast driving Pipo, Dave and Tom to catch outbound flights as soon as possible, leaving only 50 minutes to complete Open finals. So, after the Jaguars show, we rushed back to the gym where finals began with Toddy and Dan. Coming off demo euphoria and having to play immediately saw both a bit off their games. They went for HUGE moves and combos but had trouble with the clampers. Up next, the masters Tom and Dave started conservatively, caught a couple and then caught fire...especially Dave, who put on a display for the ages. He went dropless and hit huge combos throughout, including a wicked strong close set double gitis. Tom does as only Tom does, flowing, insisting on consecutivity and carrying over a unique chemistry with Dave from Seattle and Ventura. Theirs was clearly the routine of the tournament. Pipo and Gregg came next. Pipo's game carried over from the big winds and again he played strongly. He was by far the most consistent jammer, playing both extremes of conditions with equal flair and consistency. Gregg was clearly in his element, hitting the electric Ugglos...er...Uggos...for which he prides himself. Up last were Jeff K. and Paul K. We struggled a bit but had fun going for the Peanuts theme by half sponning and half doing the routine we did in Milwaukee and Seattle.

    After the awards ceremony (with FPA sponsored trophies and Olympics-styled gold, silver and bronze medals in honor of the ongoing competition in Australia), Pipo and Dave Lewis raced to the airport while Tom hung out about an hour more. Since it is 45 minutes to the airport, Tom did not want to feel rushed. With 50 minutes until his flight, Tom finally headed out and, pulling an OJ (the Hertz commercial OJ, not the white Bronco OJ), got hit in his butt by the aircraft door closing. The rest of us stayed a couple hours more in the gym, getting the mob up they all came to get. The hero of the mob up Jeff O'Brien, hitting head-scratching moves followed by head-scratching moves. Dan Yarnell jammed nonstop the whole two hours doing the things only he can do. Gregg sent a spinning disc through the hoop with Scott pulling out the delay. Other jammers not competing but coming out for the kharmonic mix were Rik Downs and Ron King. Ron’s game is very strong, even coming off some serious back problems and a two-year hiatus. Rik also played great. Several other Florida freestylers also took in the action to become reacquainted with the sport and its "personalities".

    The now traditional post-tourney and Paganelloesque Italian dinner was the theme for the evening...lasagna, other pasta, chicken parm and marsala and ample Bolla Merlot were the main consumables. The "dance" portion saw most out on the patio observing Cindy and others making up their own music to her moves...singing “Maniac” clearly fit. Jeff O'Brien's steps were the most unique displays of body movements seen this side of electrocutions. Hot-tubs were next with peanut gallery heckling the whole time. The local peace officers essentially ensured a 15 way tie for winning the party. It was a huge laughathon. Extra Special Thanks to Lawrence Frederick, and Carl Emerson. Much appreciation also to: Cheryl, Pauline, Jim, Jeanine, Mike, Stacy, Dick and Holly for all their wonderful support.

    The final results:
    1. Dave Lewis/Tom Leitner
    2. Carlos "Pipo" Lopez/Gregg "slUggo" Hosfeld
    3. Jeff Kruger/Paul Kenny
    4. Dan Yarnell/Toddy Brodeur

    The World Beach Invitational
    Aug 27th
    Ventura, CA

    The World Beach Invitational in conjunction with the California Beach Party got off to a great start! We started the event @ 2:00pm with anticipation of the low tide. The wind was strong and consistent, yet manageable. The tide was low at 2:30pm.

    With only 6 teams we started the one round with the "NEW" World Beach Invitational Judges accelerating the risk of difficulty.

    Of Course if you did drop "A LOT" this would in turn effect flow and you were awarded accordingly. Now, what was fun was having the option after 5 mins the team could take advantage of the "TURBO MINUTE". This was a risk to obtain some Bonus points!!! If you spounch the opportunity you were to stop the routine and pour sand on your partners head, although you were not deducted any points! All in all EVERYBODY SHREDDED!!!! Bonus points were rewarded and no teams were sand bagged!

    The Open Pairs was one round in random playing order thus putting all the teams in a limbo to see you jams first ect.. The first team out of the box...Joey Hudoklin and Dave Shiller. 2 min. before they were to jam Joey withdraws from the event with a pulled muscle injury!

    Now with only one minute remaining Mark Regalbuti steps in and plays with the Schillman. Their routine was sweet. Mark brushing in the wind and jamming to the music and passing to the Schillman.

    Dave completely going off the scale and shredding to an awesome jam.

    Then came Chipper Bro and Danni Camernisi. The Flow was on! Jamming to Santana Danni starts with spinning brush combo to a hein 1-1/2 gitis. Tossing a clock to Chip starts with more brushing combo's including a double leg over brush to over the leg roll to gitis! Super flow and using the environment proved to be a strong finish.

    Then Diego Gamboa and Anne Graves came out and showed a beautiful flow and co-op routine that was tough but manageable in the wind. They both played great.

    Then comes along Tommy Leitner and Dave Lewis emerge like two musketeers with sword controlling the wind Gods. Tommy Bad attitude delay off the throw, tipping, brushing, ad huge gitis. Passing to "Dazzling" Dave, at one point doing a tipping combo that even Master Joe was standing waving his arms "I am not worthy". Tommy Gets the disc and does a triple spinning flamingo skid pass right to Lewis's pull to a triple into gitis...WOW... Dave and Tommy will be leaving a mark on the canvas that will be remembered for years to come!

    We gave out the Hein Beach Gitis award... This was for the jammer that shredded in deep sand, Water,wind, and flow,(Minimal Drops) and great attitude! The Award went to TOMMY LEITNER. The award was presented by Joey Hudoklin!

    We are doing this event again and again. hope we get some Jr's and more midwest and east coast jammers in the future.

    Kelly and I would like to thank, Patagonia, Innova-Champion, Discovering the world US Rentals and all the staff from WBI and the California Beach Party. And a special thanks to Tommy Leitner and Dave Lewis for helping run the whole thing!

    ZZZZZZZ You next year!

    Chipper Bro!

    Thanks Chipper for another great event, next year the WBI will be sponsored by the Global Jammers Association (a newly formed for-profit association formed to raise money for alternative freestyle events) and may very well be one of the biggest events of 2001.

    My vote for the hein jammer award goes to Chip Bell who peeled several incredible brushing combos in the soft sand right infront of the judges, including an under the leg body roll into a gitis!

    The random co-op was a total blast - getting Richi Smitz, Dave Zeff, Scott Starr, Jay "newly wed" Hinkle, and Mark Regalbuti out there among many others. Schiller absolutely peeled in the random jam - taking out some frustration at losing a chance to play with Joey for the first time.

    Thanks to Patagonia and the Surfrider Foundation for taking part in this event - save our oceans.

    - Tommy L

    The 25th Annual Wisconsin State Flying Disc Overall Championship
    August 19-20, 2000
    Madison, WI

    The 25th Annual Wisconsin State Flying Disc Overall Championship was held on August 19-20, 2000 in Madison, WI at Elver Park. The Freestyle Event Sponsor was Willy Street Cooperative. Willy St Co-op donated four platters of food and we also had Glass Nickel Pizza at the Players Party following the Freestyle Event. After dark, everyone enjoyed a slide show put together by tournament director, Brad Wendt.

    Freestyle Results

    Open Division
    1. Brad Wendt/Mike Hughes
    2. John Elsner/Rodney Sanchez
    3. Steve Jennings/Mike DeNomie
    4. Rico Schneider/Jon Drummond
    5. Chris Seiban/Tim Gellerman
    6. Ryan Hornickel/Chris Budzien
    7. Mike Newhouse/Breeze

    Womens Division
    1. Bethany Porter Sanchez/Rodney Sanchez
    2. Polly Sacket/ Barrett White
    3. Karen Wendt/Brad Wendt

    Master Division
    1. Don Hunkel/Don "Duster" Hoffman
    2. Dave Bolyard/Rodney Sanchez

    Amateur Division
    1. Jarod Roecker/Greg Stearns
    2. Joel Price/Jeff Olmstead/Travis James

    2000 World Masters Championships
    July 10-15th
    Rochester, NY

    Open Freestyle
    1 Brodeur / Sailor
    2 Imperiale / Oberhaus / Velasquez
    3 Brandt / Scannell / Williams
    4 Graves / Robbins
    5 Jennings / R. Sanchez / Whitlock
    6 Carreiro / B. Porter

    7T P. Brenner / M. Brenner
    7T Graves / Korns
    9T Bolyard / Elsner / Lemann
    9T Bogenhagen / Hesselberth / Mackey
    11T Verish / Ugalde
    11T Roddick / Thompson
    13T Corea / Dambra / Pierson
    13T Sieben / Titcomb / Damon
    15 Fust / Palmeri

    Grand Master
    1 Brandt / Scannell / Williams
    2 Graves / Korns *
    3 Roddick / Thompson *
    4 Corea / Dambra / Pierson *
    5 Fust / Palmeri *
    *Finish determined by rank in two different prelim. pools.

    1 Graves / Robbins
    2 Carreiro / B. Porter
    3 P. Brenner / M. Brenner
    4 Verish / Ugalde

    Milwaukee's Summershredfest Open 2000
    July 1-2, 2000
    Milwaukee, WI

    Amazing, outstanding, ridiculous, Riminesque. The 2000 Summerfest Open was definitively complete. From the huge numbers of great jammers to the perfect venue to the perfect hosting to the large number of fans, this tournament was a thorough and complete success story. At this moment, I personally would put this event and Paganello on a singular high pedestal. An overnight success after 20 years of putting his heart and soul into it, Steve Jennings has created a juggernaut. Set on an outdoor asphalt court surrounded by FULL stands at the worlds largest music festival (I believe) fired everyone up. The comaraderie inspired by the whole weekend's setup made for as enjoyable an experience as is out there. Rodney and Bethany elevated the JuJu by providing accommodations for many, a massive lasagna dinner and breakfast (with great coffee!!) for all. Further, they did ALL the dirty work associated with a tournament. From setting up the judging so the jammers weren't needed for the judging chores (seeding, getting qualified judges, doing the number crunching, having data printed etc), the underappreciated hard work did not go unnoticed.

    The weekend began with a pre-mobup at a park on Lake Michigan. Typical reunion hugging turned into a massive jam with a continuous 4 group strong shredfest. The highlight was clearly the jam with Beast, Rando, Steve J. and Dave Lewis. They went off for quite a while, pulling the rest of us into fans, creating an ooh and ahh rhythm. Steve particularly impressed with his mega-spinning and extreme wind game capabilities. DaNail and Cindy had one of those rare zones where both hit a couple big indies and morphed (no, not Murfed though he would have been proud get well Dave!!) into an awesome speed flow that was just outstanding.

    Due to the fact I was warming up during some of the routines and might have missed essential components (I hope someone else might better review routine specifics), what follows are just some observations. The semifinals were held on the Summerfest grounds near the south gate, creating a walkby crowd even though we were not in a show situation so to speak. A most exciting part of the whole event was the extremely strong field for mixed. It was an equal to the open division. I think there were 7 mixed and 8 open teams extremely outstanding. Specific highlights included Poodle's near catchless round. He made note of it about 2/3 of the way through the routine then hits a spinning planted gitis. Another highlight was Dave Lewis's manic gitis "saves". It is my understanding that scientists have just unlocked the human genome map. Soon we may figure out exactly what it is Pat Marron is doing. Lisa and Arthur probably had the routine of the day tight, excellent stuff.

    The finals saw us surrounded by hundreds of fans. In between routines, Steve worked the crowd in excellent fashion, having the folks participate in contests, explaining some of the technical stuff and maintaining interest while Rodney and Bethany were doing the dirty work This sophisticated presentation worked perfectly no one left and more and more people crowded around. The conditions were perfect for the Open round with a dry court and calm pre-storm winds. All teams played great. There were no losers here. First up, Laerbs and Joel got things off to a strong start, capturing the fans interest immediately. The highlight of the open round was Randy's and DaNail's routine. The Maestros fiddled with the crowd, lathering them into a frenzy. The legendary moment had to be Randy's spinning splitosis. The routine was so good, it is believed this is the first time Randy threw his disc into the crowd after it was over. Jeff Kruger and I had a fun jam, playing off some beloved cultural icons. Arthur and Dave had an excellent shred with a lot of speedflow components. Arthur went off on a spinning scarecrow tangent while Dave tried to outspin him employing his own sealing compounds.

    The mixed finals started after a rain delay, which left the court a bit wet.. Joel and Anne came out of the box with no pressure, playing relaxed. All of a sudden, Anne hits a big move, the crowd roars, she puts her arms up and cheers back at the crowd, then they crush. Great spon jam. Laerbs and Judy worked the fans with their veteran savvy. Jeff and Cindy came out with their typically strong routine, though had some footing problems. Despite that, Cindy hit a HUGE gitosis. Arthur and Lisa came out and were able to keep their routine together despite the footing.

    After the tourney, we all went back to the jam park for the first of two post-tourney mob-up. Well, no boom box needed there. A drummer with a big karaoke machine was playing. We all jammed to his "live" music for a while. The jam went about another hour before the rains came in full. This was about 6:30. Not having our fill, we all went back to the dorms at U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (where our hosts had found us good, cheap housing, creating a college-like atmosphere for those of us staying there) and found an aerobics room and continued to jam for a couple more hours.

    Steve, Rodney and Bethany ROCK

    thanks from all of us.

    Paul Kenny


    Boise River Festival
    June 24-25, 2000
    Boise, ID, USA

    The Colorado State Overall Championships, Disc or Die

    June 24-25, 2000
    Fort Collins, CO

    Frisbie Festival 2000
    Saturday June 17 and Sunday June 18
    Beardsley Park, Bridgeport CT

    Pictures are located at http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=781607&a=6839903 under Frisbie 2000. Log in under username pgkfrisbee@aol.com. You do not need a password, just log in and click the Frisbie 2000 icon. Click on any photo for a big image. Below is my review...Paul

    What do Paganello, Summerfest, The Jammers and the Frisbie Festival (soon PR as well) have in common? In the third year of each of these events, these tournaments have taken off and become must-do events. Kraig Steffen has seen his "historical" event, somewhat of a throwback to the Frisbee/Hackey Sack festivals, explode. With the mayor of Bridgeport, a local on-site radio broadcast and numerous sponsor booths, this event has become an important event in the community and for jammers. There was a freestyle tournament, disc dog demos, pie tin throwing contests, pie eating contests (Frisbie brand only!) and a temporary disc golf course set up all set on a beautiful lawn on a lake.

    The tournament was one of three events this day related to jammers and significant events in their lives. Carl Emerson had his wedding reception in eastern Connecticut (which about half of us attended after the tourney) and Roger Meier had a surprise 40th birthday party in NYC (which the other half attended). Tournament discs were signed by all the jammers and presented to both Roger and Carl.

    Judy Robbins (#1 female player in the world), Dan YarNail (current world champion) and myself all flew in. The New England and New York shredmeister contingents rounded out this amazingly deep field. There were two rounds with the first round essentially a demo round with a random order for the finals. The judges were fans in the audience and a couple of NEFA folks. The first round highlights were many as everyone was relaxed and getting loose.

    One moment that sticks out involved Rob Fried and Doug Fresh. On one set, the disc goes between them. They both go for it. Rob sets up for a tasty flaud when at the last moment Doug casually grabs it with a flaird. Judy's jamming had folks scratching their heads as they realized that it doesn't matter how long your hair is, if you can shred, you can shred. Her and Rick Williams, in the spirit of the prevailing historical theme, dusted the rust and invoked their crusty stuff from the many demos they did in the '80s in New England. A dangerous situation occurred as Petri continued doing moves with too many spins, creating a giant sinkhole. Osis Caplin is back! He and Petri have played a number of events together and the chemistry is obviously getting stronger.

    Bill Dubilier had a bad attitude all day and Ritchie Regensberg put the disc through angles and contortions which are illegal in many countries. Dan and Steve "Pops" Scannell had a complicated routine developed. How do I know? Steve had secret tape on his wrist with all the formations and coops written on them. They did a lot of multi-disc stuff with mutual exchanges. Dan's attitude was as bad as Bill's. The prevailing question of the day was What is older, Steve, Ritchie or fire? How these guys SHRED at that age is incredible. Toddy "Gameday" Brodeur and I had a very fun jam with Toddy in particular just going off.

    The Finals again were random order. More structured routines were the order with the jamming remaining hot. Each of the six teams played great! Having a six team field is nothing new, but here all the teams were strong. The highlights of this round included Rick and Judy's routine. Rob and Doug, as always, tore it up. A word that has great meaning and applies to them is "appropriate". Taster's choice is not just coffee. Toddy and I spiced up the proceedings a bit with an Indiana Jones takeoff.

    Some highlights included:

    The results Special thanks to Kraig for a great event. Good food, T-shirts, discs, good directions to Carl's party and a smoothly running tournament.

    Paul Kenny

    Minnesota States Overall Championship
    June 10 & 11 2000
    Calvary and Riverside Parks

    Bratislava, Slovakia
    May 20-21st, 2000

    The team of Chorche/New had one of the highest execution scores of the year, with a 9.1 in winning the pairs division at the 2nd EAST EUROPEAN FREESTYLE CONTEST. Jiri/Mira edged out Coki/Jano by .1 to take second place. In the Co-op division, Chorche/Latso/New took 1st place.

    team PAIRS execution difficulty A.I. total place
    Chorche/Newnew 9.1 8.7 8.2 26 1
    Jiri/Mira 6.4 6.7 7.5 20.6 2
    Coki/Jano 7 6.4 7.1 20.5 3
    Branki/Andy 5.5 6.6 6.4 18.5 4
    Kajo/Brano 5.1 6.2 6.9 18.2 5
    Latso/Lucia 7.1 5.4 5.7 18.2 5
    Ivana/Mata 6.4 4.3 5.5 16.2 7
    team CO-OP EXEC. DIFF. A.I.    
    Chorche/Latso/New 7.4 9.1 7.2 23.7 1
    Lucia/Branki/Mata 6.1 7.2 7 20.3 2
    Jiri/Mira/Andy 7.3 6.7 6 20 3
    Kajo/Dusan/Brano 6.3 6.7 5.9 18.9 4
    Dzuso/Coki/Jano 6.1 6.2 6.5 18.8 5
      starter 20.5.2000        
    team PAIRS Exec. Diff. A.I.    
    Newnew/Chorche/Mato P.       22.9 1
    Jiri/Mira/Andy       21.4 2
    Jano/Latso/Lucia       16.2 3
    Dusan/Mata/Veronika       15.7 4

    Cypress Gardens Competition
    Orlando, FL
    May 13-14, 2000

    Greg Hosfeld did it all this past weekend, hosting a Freestyle/Golf/K-9 tournament at the picturesque Cypress Gardens resort in Central Florida, just south of Orlando.

    He and Rimini-winner Paul Kenny took first, but to say they took first isn't really enough. A roaring wind smacked the other teams hard. Hosfeld and Kenny smacked back harder and put on a terrific performance. Call it the Howling Wind Jam.

    It was a short field. Buddy Adams and Scott Sailor had a two-disc routine worked out that could have been a contender, if only the environment had cooperated. Things had gone well-enough for them the day before, and even better during the mid-day practice when the playing area was calm, warm, and humid. But after the winds suddenly kicked up, as if on cue ten minutes before the finals, they gambled and chose to stick with their planned program.

    As it turned out, it the tasty low z moves they had designed were fodder for the blustery weather. More than once their disc was pulled beyond the bounds of the jamming area.

    Vic Ouzoonian and I (Craig Simon aka Rip Van Winkle) finished as we seeded third, but it was a placement severely schooled by the wind. More than one of my bread-and-butter behind the back sets terminated as way-out-of-reach-misfires.

    Vic, with more of a beach game, courageously attempted a variety of edge-guided and one-handed turnovers, but didn't get to show his stuff. But I think we both felt better about Sunday's struggle than Saturday's run, even if we had both hit more in the prelims. It was fun for me at least, to actually play that intensely for a few short minutes, to hear a few cheers when I nailed a scarecrow and few other old-timer seals, and then to walk off the field with my leg muscles reminding me what a great workout freestyle is.

    And, as we all know, freestyle provides a great workout for the brain, too. If there's any doubt, watch Paul Kenny put a disc through its paces, turning it any direction at will. Seeing what he's developed over the four years since I last saw him is why I feel like Rip Van Winkle. Paul defines the future that I'm now living in.

    This weekend also gave me my first chance to see elegant and energetic Scott Sailor up close, and to hear firsthand from him what it was like to put on a professionally choreographed on stage in a New York City theatre with Ted Oberhaus. It was also a chance for me to see Buddy get massive with power spins, peeling off muscular triples into perfectly timed flying gitises. Now a mature nineteen year-old, perrenial Junior champ Renee Pardo was there too. She put on a polished routine with Paul, the lone entry in a nominal mixed pairs category, held on the sun-drenched prelim Saturday.

    I started out by saying Greg did it all. There he was Friday night handling registrations, and then putting on a mini-clinic. And there he must have been. Saturday morning running and playing golf while the party of jammers snoozed and had a big slow breakfast. And there he was at dinner Saturday night doing non-stop over-the-head improvisational comedy, bewildering the waitress, while simultaneously demonstrating the fine art of launching forks and spoons off the table, flipping them through the air, plopping them into a pre-designated cup and not my watchful eye.

    And there also was Greg in the final round of golf (placing high in the final rankings I presume). And of course, there he was in the final round of freestyle, with just a few minutes warmup, triumphing in one of the best executed wind jams I'll probably ever see. But he actually didn't do it all. He missed the parking lot jam.

    The crowd departed; the wind calmed; the day cooled, and after the awards ceremony out by the lake (punctuated by a water-skiing bevy of slender blonde females dressed in skimpy day-glo) Paul, Scott, Buddy, Vic and I found our way back to a nice open spot on some not-at-all-hot asphalt by the hotel. More leaping and spinning and mind-bending extension. There was slight attrition after that, but the die hards went on to enjoy a hot tub and a refreshing dip in the Best Western pool.

    Instead of experimenting and lounging, it's a good guess that Greg was probably working, taking care of some last pieces of business.

    Yo Greg! Thanks for a great weekend...Craig Simon

    The results...

    Virginia States
    Fredericksberg, VA
    April 8-9, 2000

    the New England Indoor Freestyle Championships
    Feb 19th, 2000
    South Jr. High School / Brockton, MA

    Another great Freestyle disc event was put on by Scannell with help from Nicky. It was held at a Brockton Massachusetts Middle School Gym. We were all happy to see everyone again. The boys (X man) and girls(Nikki) world JR champs were both there along with sibblings and local wiz kid Tim Cohn. I must say the future of the sport is looking very bright. Pipo flew in from PR, Alex from Toronto with Scott Sailor and Brad Keller from NY along with most of the locals. We had lots of snow on Friday night. It was difficult for the folks who had to drive. For example Richie Ross and family drove all the way from Penn. They were going to turn around several times but they didn't. The NYers had a nasty drive too, and the Titcomb's bus was delayed overnight. The tournament went on as planned. 18 or so players. It just goes to show you all these Freestylers are hungry and hardcore.

    Petri "the dish" Isola was the jammer of the day. He hit almost EVERYTHING!!! Double this, triple that, simply on fire. I think he was highly inspired by his own cheering section. Nikki Ross was in top form as female jammer of the day.

    We need to have tournaments to get Jammers together in one place to share and celebrate the art of Freestyle Disc. Steve hosted everybody back at his place for an outstanding awards dinner. Downstairs the days the video was on as players watched and heckled others. Many laughs.As people slowly left we watch last years Rimmini video. Pipo narrated.

    Sunday was a pure 3 hour mob-op. 14 players, More jamming on Monday. Results to follow. Who cares who won! We all did.

    Keep the jam alive,

    Mixed Pairs
    Random Co-Op
    1 Todd Brodeur 1 Rick Williams 
    Todd Brodeur
    1 Steve Scannell 
    Nicki Nicholson
    1 Todd, Scott, Xtehn
    2 Scott Sailor 2 Scott Sailor 
    Pipo Lopez
    2 Todd Brodeur 
    Nikki Ross
    2 Vhero, Petri, Zahlen
    3 Zahlen Titcomb 3 Petri Isola 
    Alan Caplin
    3 Rick Williams 
    Tonia Gracie
    3 Rick, Brad, Alan
    4 Carlos Lopez 4 Nikki Ross 
    Deanna Ross
    4 Rickki Ross 
    Deanna Ross
    4 Pipo, Mark, Tim
    5 Nikki Ross 5 Tim Cohn 
    Xtehn Titcomb
    6 Steve Scannell 
    Xtehn Titcomb
    6 Mark Ide 
    Brad Keller
    8 Rickki Ross 7 Vehro Titcomb 
    Zahlen Titcomb
    9 Tim Cohn            
    10 Mark Ide            

    the 22nd Annual Wintertime Open
    Feb 20th,
    Hahamongna Watershed Park (formerly Oak Grove), Pasadena, CA

    When Northern Californians start complaining about the rain, you know Soak Grove is truly living up to its reputation. Today, the Wintertime Open rang in the 21st century with a big rainstorm and massive performances by all the freestylers.

    The biggest story was the turbo factor. The competition was in fact almost an afterthought as there were continuous mob-ops and jams in the rain all afternoon. At one point, one group seemed have fifteen players scurrying and slipping around the field.

    Several golfers bailed out of the freestyle competition, leaving three teams willing to brave Pasadena's cold, gusty and rainy weather. The players elected to play a shortened, one round, three minute routine format. Playing order was random.

    Peter Laubert and Anne Graves played a very clean routine to music from the TV show ER. Their clampers were on. They passed the disc well in unpredictable conditions. Peter snagged a great spinning rain scarecrow. The team ended solid by transitioning from Peter's patented backroll/juice directly into a gitis by Anne. They put in a winning routine and challenged the other teams to outdo them.

    Matt Gauthier teamed up with newly unretired player Carl Dobson and enjoyed a nice gap in the rainstorm. Carl stepped away from the sport for 15 years. Now that he's back, he should be a solid addition to teams with his consistent against moves, turnovers and double spinning catches. The rain affected Carl in the competition and he dropped a few more than he wanted to.

    In three minutes Matt Gauthier caught more gitises than all his mob-opping partners caught the entire day. Matt has been working all winter on his already formidable game. He is stringing together huge technical combos and finishing them with very physical and dynamic catches. The conditions forced him to hold back on his biggest moves, but those who saw him in Santa Monica on Saturday can testify to his elite level of play.

    Dave Lewis, Dave Murphy and Arthur Coddington played last as the rain returned. Bad footing had the potential to really undermine all three players' games, which are dependent on quick reflexes. They started slow, testing the waters with a co-op and a few solid indies. Things seemed okay so they turned on the afterburners. They continued to co-op and got more aggressive on their indies. Murf hit an around the world tooth delay, a big ground roll combo and to the terror of his teammates went for and hit his trademark gitis roll in the slick conditions. Arthur hit a 1080 under the leg pull and a spinning tumble combo. Dave got a 1080 legover pull, a 720 barrel catch and later sealed a phlaud off a pass from Murf. To end the round, Arthur shot a rim guide to a crash and burn gitis by Dave.

    The judges saw it this way:

    1. Lewis/Murphy/Coddington 2. Graves/Laubert 3. Dobson/Gauthier

    There are rumblings of a renovated playing field for the 2001 Wintertime Open, which could revolutionize the level of play at this tournament. If only we could lose the rain...

    Santa Monica Shred tournament
    Frasier Park, Santa Monica, CA
    January 9th, 2000

    The first Santa Monica Shred tournament was a success. Several players from outside the Los Angeles area joined a robust local contingent for this experimental event.

    The format was a double elimination match play tournament. Players were judged as individuals rather than as part of a team. Each player had 60 seconds to shred in a match against another player. Three judges awarded marks - difficulty was the only category that counted. The top three marks from each judge were added up for the score.

    The championship final pitted top seed and 1999 Player Of The Year Dave Lewis against teammate Arthur Coddington. Lewis beat Coddington by a point in the Winner Bracket final earlier in the day, and Coddington won his way back into the Championship final for a rematch.

    Arthur started with a spinning skid to spinning skid to 1080 barrel catch, then followed it up with a 720 dive roll combo. That seemed to sap his off-season, bloated-from-Christmas-snacks energy and all he could add was a behind the neurons and a dropped attempt at a 1080 scarecrow.

    There was a clear opportunity for Lewis to crush Coddington. He came out with standard jawdropping Lewis moves - 1080 legover pull, double over down, twisto-juice, huge kickbrushing run, crash and burn gitis. The impact was there. The judges were starting to engrave his name on the trophy, but he got stuck upwind near the bike path with no room for the third huge combo he needed to close the door on Coddington. Like Coddington he also started playing sloppier late in his routine, and there was no clear winner.

    The judges conferenced for a long time tabulating and re-adding the scores, and eventually announced that there was a tie. The tiebreaker was a poll of the judges - which guy won. The vote went 2-1 to Coddington.

    The Santa Monica Shred was a fun experiment. We learned a lot about individual format events, match play formats, and just how many crazy impossible moves can be fit into 60 seconds. We hope to host these kinds of events more often, and we are open to suggestions for future experimental formats.

    Other competition highlights include:

    Dave Lewis and Jamie Chantiles engaging in some World Wrestling Federation smacktalk before, during, and after their Round 3 match.

    The competitive debut of Francoise Chomicki from France.

    Arthur Coddington trying to imitate Dave Lewis' moves during the Winners Bracket final and coming up with a quad spinning legover pull to match Dave's. The judges chose the original over the imitation by one point.

    Roy Snyder nabbing his newest catch - the gitis - in competition for the first time.

    Special guest jamming-on-the-sidelines appearance by Joey Hudoklin.

    The final order of finish was:

    The round by round results were:

    Winners Bracket Round 1:
    Anne Graves d. Mark Sebastian
    Peter Laubert d. Francois Chomicki
    Roy Snyder d. Danny Evanns
    Z Weyand d. David Adelson

    Round 2:
    Dave Lewis d. Anne Graves
    Jamie Chantiles d. Peter Laubert
    Danny Cameranesi d. Roy
    Arthur Coddington d. Z Weyand

    Round 3
    Dave Lewis d. Jamie Chantiles
    Arthur Coddington d. Danny Cameranesi

    Round 4
    Dave Lewis d. Arthur Coddington

    Consolation Bracket

    Round 1
    Z Weyand d. Mark Sebastian
    Roy Snyder d. Francoise Chomicki
    Peter Laubert d. Danny Evanns
    Dave Adelson d. Anne Graves

    Round 2
    Z Weyand d. Roy Snyder
    Peter Laubert d. David Adelson

    Round 3
    Jamie Chantiles d. Z Weyand
    Danny Cameranesi d. Peter Laubert

    Round 4
    Danny Cameranesi d. Jamie Chantiles

    Round 5
    Arthur Coddington d. Danny Cameranesi

    Championship Final

    Arthur Coddington d. Dave Lewis 2-1