2001 Tournament Results

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FPA World Championships. San Diego, CA (October 19-21, 2001)

Manpico Open. Santa Cruz, CA (September 29-30, 2001)

Summerfest Open. Milwaukee, WI (June 30-July 1, 2001)

WFDF Championships. San Diego, CA (July 27-28, 2001)

Arizona State Overall Championships
Nov 11, 2001
Vista Del Camino, Scottsdale, AZ

1- Dave Lewis and Dave Murphy 64.0
2- Paul Kenny and Cindy Kruger 56.4
3- Lee Harper and Peter Laubert 55.5 (If you haven't seen this routine, you should.)
4- Jamie Chantiles and Jeff Kruger 55.4 (Yikes it was real close.)
5- Dan Magallanes and Judy Robbins 48.9
6- Hesselberth and Schiller and Fred Salaz 39.0 (Surprise hot prelim.)

Tennessee States
Sept 23-24, 2001
Seven Oaks, TN

1st buddy adams / rik downs
2nd gary edge / willi williams
3rd glen whitlock / julianna korver /shawn sinclair
4th h.b. clark/ david kessler
5th barry gill / john buttrey

The Jammers' Championship
Sept 9th, 2001
Jacksonville, FL

Check out these amazing pictures of the Jammers Championships 2001, the Jam for Jim.


Well, Jim came through for us. Great weather, great crowds, kind winds for the most part and a great jam and crowd response at the Jaguars game. BTW, the Jammers helped the Jags to a big win! This tournament would not have been nearly as smoothly run without the enormous help provided by Tommy Leitner. Taking the bull by the horns, he covered some bases overlooked by the TD and truly made things happenÉthanks Tommy, you are one of a kind. Special thanks to Bob "Friz" Coleman who came late to enjoy the show and provided awesome announcing which really worked well with the busy pep rally crowd. Thanks Friz! Major kudos go to Carl Emerson who quietly and with joy, provided a rental truck, manual labor and a tournament banner with the tourney logo which was all first class. Carl is Top Shelf and without him I would have been helpless.

There was so much hein jamming, especially in the semis. With an extremely deep field providing a very competitive and fired up backdrop, the show was awesome. Jammers from Puerto Rico, CA, CO, MA, KY, CT, PA, FL and TX traveled in to rock the Jax world. Tommy and Murf just peeled. Hos convoluted and Pipo Pipo'd. Jeff O'Brien had probably three or four moves of the tournament. Steve Scannell's arrival signaled the return of the traditional mystery jammer.

A very tasty mixed field impressed an audience not aware of just how awesome these ladies can peel. Anne played with savvy from jamming so much. Nicki continues to improve greatly, impressing even those of us who have recently seen her. Renee just knows how to play, continuing her growth. But clearly the highlight of the mixed field was Nikki. She just plays with a very comfortable spirit and is open to new ideas and able to execute them immediately. Ricchi, she is a FREESTYLER!!!! All those other awards and victories are just stuff!!!

The open finals saw the winds pick up a bit. With some tents in the wind line, extra care was needed. All four teams came out shredding with everyone hitting their best stuff. The cleanliness of the routines were the difference as it might have been impossible choose otherwise.

On the injury front, it seemed with everyone going for it, a few bumps and bruises occurred. Tommy bonked his head and got a neck stinger on the last catch of their finals routine. Buddy "Hammerhead" Adams separated his shoulder, went to the hospital, then got up first thing the next morning and jammed! It seemed only Murf escaped any tweaks, even going for his famous flipÉ

Those qualifying for the Jags demo included Nikki, Anne, Tommy, Murf, Larry, Paul, Gregg, Pipo, and Toddy and Buddy. Because of Tommy's injury, he laid out of the demo and Murf and I mutually concluded Carl most deserved the opportunity to replace him as the "winner" of the most Jammer spirit. The demo went awesomely. A great wind, huge crowd and playing to U2's "Desire" (Irish band, more tributing to Jim), everyone peeled. Murf and Laerbs especially seemed to get the fans rocking. As we left the field, there was an awesome roar from the fans which cemented the sense that we all were having the times of our lives.

We love you Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The resultsÉ

Thanks again to everyone who came in for the jam. It is because of the kindness, heart, skills and friendships of you all that this event happens.

Here are some quotes from the players....

"Estoy boracha J thank you pipo for jamming with meÉ you are AWESOME! And for once we didn't have any tropical storms at the Jammers J - Renee

Big Wind. Big Players. Big Quad Gitis. Big Fun. "Big Uggo" Hos

First it's the Friendships, then it's the Tournament. The weather seems to not matter as much as the Fun. Carl & Michele

Once again,I could not (shoulder) the burden alone!!!! Buddy Adams " HammerHead"

Jax is the max, Fun is the bun, Jam as to slam, I love to show the goods when I'm livin in the hood. Toddy

Winds were a little narll , but that didn't stop O'Brien and Pipo from shredding. The move of the tourney was a gitis brush into a gitis catch. But when the winds really kicked up it was Pipo who raged. Nice play by all the players and hangin' with everyone is what it's all about anyway. : ) heindiego

This tournament gets better every year. Pipo

Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, He picks you up at the airport, He lets you stay at his house, He never runs out of almond-flavored tequila, And, finally, he keeps the hurricanes away. Every year the tournament gets better, But mostly the better one is Paul. Congratulations, Jeff

Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes., Then you'll be a mile away and you'll have his shoes. Nad Llenray

We are having a blast ! thank you Jammers !

Go steelers!!!!!!!!


Oregon States
August 26th, 2001
Corvallis, OR

The weekend started with the Beast drawing a line in the sand between golf and freestyle. At the 9:00a players meeting Matt and Steve thought it was the perfect time to start a jam. In the middle of the announcements Steve deflected (kicked) the disc into a golfers ear. This guy had no idea what happened and he was ready to brawl. Fortunately Steve's practice apologizing paid off and the golfer let him off easy...or so Steve thought. Later in the day during the distance competition the golfer's buddy took his revenge with a killer drive right into Steve's leg.

Luckily the rest of the weekend was a blast! The wind coming off the river Saturday was near perfect and Jake, Matt, Steve, Bob and Sarah had no qualms taking advantage of it. They hit combo after combo including one with a flamingitosis brush by Matt. As the day went on the jam grew and shrank as a few of the overalls players stepped in to test their skills. Another notable aspect was the beer and barbecue provided for the players. Special thanks to Full Sail for being the biggest sponsor of the event.

Sunday was the day of the freestyle competition. With the other events running late it was decided at the last minute to do a single pool using peer judging based on difficulty (Skippy style). There was a great turnout of non freestyle who wanted to give it a run and we were impressed by all of them. Adam, Blair and Seth decided to take the comedy route. Almost every catch was a layout. Man was it fun(ny) to watch. Sadly their diff score was below 1. Pat and Dan hit us with a good variety of throws and some nice tips. Spider and Ent pulled out some very unique moves. With a slowly spinning disc Ent pushed down hard and turned his hand over to gain control. He did this over and over under the leg, behind the back and ended with a perfect set (to a drop) to his partner. Qxhna carried the team of Bart, Randle and Qxhna . They managed to feed her spin and she'd work her magic with utl passes to beautiful chairs and flamingos. If only someone could have given Bart a good counter toss he would have broken loose as well (but not like Qxhna ;-). James and Sten-erik are Portland-ites and have dabbled in freestyle in the past. At one point they had a wonderful rhythm of speed flow which could easily be called the best speed flow on the field of the day. The change from throw to catch was expertly consecutive. John and Cliff appeared to have the most choreographed routine of the day even though they only spent 3 minutes preparing. They had beautiful passes and a great sequence of turnovers. Some actually commented on how well they 'spoke the freestyle language' on the field. Rhore, Vehro and Sarah shredded with multiple gitus moves. Rhore almost pulled off a phlaud set to a phlaud take. Xten and Zalen tore up the field setting the standard for the next two teams. They hit some nice reverse sets, then Zahlen took off on a brushing combo that ended in a text book china syndrome. Bob and Getty hit some stuff. What can I say, I didn't see it but it must have rocked because Jake and Matt only beat them by .3. Rumor has it Getty caught the teams first aerial gitus to which Bob answered with a planted flamingitus. Jake and Matt got hot to take the tournament. Their multiple reverse combos and flowing passing sequences were second to none. Plus Matt sacrificed his body landing on his head to catch a barrel roll. Poor Steve's car supposedly broke down and he went home before the competition. I think he was scared of the golfers.

Over all this tournament was an all around good time. Special thanks to all those who helped put it on and all the freestylers who traveled from out of town to help make the freestyle a powerful event. We turned some heads. I think we even picked up some new jammers. Way to go! Results:


Cedar Beach Park, July 14-15, 2001

Allentown PA will never be the same!

With a total of seven teams, the PA Disc Golf Championships & OCTAD climaxed on Sunday afternoon/evening with the Freestyle competition. We were fortunate to gather jammers from all-around the country and Canada to treat the crowd of disc enthusiasts that had gathered for the Allentown Sportsfest (of which we were a part).

Since we were somewhat behind, getting through 16 DDC teams in a round-robin format, we had the seven freestyle teams do a four minute jam each, using four judges to rank difficulty, execution, and presentation. The judges were Joe Lynn, Tom Painter, Curt Davis, and John Cohn.

The event went like this...

Rob D'Allesandro and Ed Sinkler sucked it up for four minutes, with Ed pulling off a couple nail delays under his leg. They were mainly in the Freestyle portion to gather more overall points in the tournament, since we were awarding more points to the freestylers than the speedflow'ers. They did get things off to a nice start however.

Next, Amber Hoffman and John Duesler (me) teamed up to jam. Amber is a past Junior Champion, so her execution was impressive, pulling off a bunch of between the leg catches of her completed nail delays. JD was doing some delays, tips (with knuckles, elbows, and toes), and brushwork, but couldn't set up for at least one body roll, which he's legendary for on the beach of Sea Isle City, NJ (FYI...he's the only one freestyling on that beach!) He did pull off one tip and body spin to delay move, that was the most difficult thing he'd done in competition. They jammed to Elvis Costello.

Bob Hoffman (the eventual Overall winner) joined forces with Pete McLaughlin (Allentown local) and Shannon Winn (out of the mothballs) to perform for about two minutes. Bob was definitely cashing in some overall points; Pete was doing some delays, but Shannon was flashing back to years gone by with tumbles, between the legs delays and some really great stuff. As fate would have it, however, Shannon jammed his knee into the grass about two minutes into the routine. This effectively ended their chance. (btw...he did eventually walk out of awards ceremony on his own power, so I believe he's doing ok!)

Then the real jammin' began!

Dan Berman and Tim Cohn combined (again...they also played DDC together) to put on a true freestyle exhibition. Dan was his usually steady self, showing grace, coordination, and sound fundamentals. Tim surprised the heck out of me, as he showed vast improvement over his NE performance just two months prior. He went behind his legs with delays, between his legs, and even pulled off some behind the back windmill catches to end his segments (please pardon my lack of "jammin'" terminology). They worked well together, and good luck to Tim at the WFDF Champ's this weekend!

From then on, it was world-class stuff all the way...

It was All-in-the-family, as Richhi Ross, Nikki and Deanna Ross took center grass to Jethro Tull's Aqualung. They amazed the crowd, working three discs between them in a triangle. Using behind the back transfers, brushes, between the legs passing, and just a great medley of fundamental freestyle moves, they warmed up their routine. Then Deanna and Richhi fed Nikki their discs and let her go to work. Clearly, the z-machine has been doing some overtime at the Ross house, as Nikki executed a difficult routine with great maturity. I hope Deanna and Nikki stay interested for a long time, because the sky is the limit for these girls. They concluded their four minutes by huddling together and pulling off 2/3 behind the back, over the head catches (oops Richhi :-) (what's that catch called anyway?)

Anne Graves (she mentioned the jammin' women would consider her a lucky duck for hooking up with...) and Scott Sailor then found themselves in front of the crowd with a high energy, instrumental trance tune. They started out with about 30 seconds of speedflow, but then busted out with one of the most rhythmic, beautiful routines that non-partners could muster. Anne showed us her seasoned skills and Scott combined his famous flexibility throughout the four minutes. Especially cool was the transfer Scott pulled off by lifting his right leg to his head, and tossing the disc through the bodily hoop he constructed. So nice! They also were able to do a double body roll, as Scott went from left arm to right arm, feeding Anne's left arm and completing the roll. Again...so nice!

In fairness to Anne, she had to wait quite a while to do her 4 minutes, so I know she felt like she could have done better. Don't fret though...she was still awesome.

To complete our field Gary Auerbach came out of retirement (thanks friend!) to hook up with Toddy Brodeur. They started spoofin' the crowd with a neat beginning to the Cars "Just What I Needed." They worked two discs for about a minute, synchronizing counters with great catch-and-delays (not bad for about 5 minutes preparation). Then the fireworks started, as they put one of the discs to the side. Gary showed off his formal dance training with beautiful body spins, and Todd was flexing his agility with some masterful double leg unders (?) Gary was pulling off some body rolls with his back!, but Toddy really got things heated up pulling off about six consecutive front body rolls. Toddy missed his signature between the legs tumbling catch about three times, before their 30 seconds was called. Gary and Toddy ended their routine they way they began, with two discs, feeding each other overhand counters and delays until they finally met each other in the middle of the grass sitting down with their discs! Great stuff.

Of all the feedback I'm getting from the OCTAD crowd in Allentown, Freestyle is being mentioned the most. Some are even telling me, "All I want to do is be able to spin that thing on my finger!" So the Freestyle seed has definitely been planted in our Eastern PA frisbee community.

The final results of this ordinal rating system were:

If I need to do anything else to help the Freestyle players get the points they need, just let me know!

Special thanks go to Paul Kenney, Tom Leitner, and Shannon Winn for the guidance in running my first Freestyle event!

John Duesler

Swedisc Open
Halmstad, Sweden
July 8-12, 2001

Santa Cruz Beach Classic V
June 9-10, 2001
Santa Cruz, CA

What a weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We had a great turnout resulting in 9 pairs teams on Saturday and 5 Co-op teams on Sunday. And we had the first Mixed Division in our 5 year history. Hopefully the days of Tam Wolfe being the lone woman are behind us.

As always, the central part of the "Manresa Experience" was camping out next to the beach. The highlights of that was a midnight jam by Tommy L, Alan Caplin, Melissa Trail, Johnny O'mally and Mark Regalbuti. Another highlight was Alpha, the Jammer family dog was sprayed by a skunk during the night. It's all just part of the experience.

Tournament format was 7 minute pairs routines, 8 minute Co-op routines and 5 minute mixed routines. Bonus moves (up to 5 points each) were awarded for Roll to teammates direct catch -flying gitis -scarecrow brush. Super bonus points (5 points each) were awarded for -Water Catch -Skid Row (more than two in a row) and -Bad Attitude. A single score for Difficulty was also awarded (maximum 10 points). Add them up and that's your final score.

During the Random Co-op round we were short a player for the last team, so we pulled names out of a hat so 4 players could sub in for 2 minutes each to fill up the 8 minute routine. Then, Johnny O'mally came in and finished off the routine and the tournament with an remarkable, air-born, crash & drown water gitis.

Big moves of the weekend:
Skippy - Quasi-Alien Birth Ritual
Tommy - legover btb brush to gitis
Art - gitis pull out
Carl - 2 quad spinning moves
Paul - nice bad attitude catch
Alan - huge air china sydrome into water attempt
Doug - skid row
Mike E - double spinning flamigo to end routine
Melissa - fully extended, "Sue Strait-like" bad attitude
Tam - nice scarecrow
Carolyn - flowing, consecutive freestyle
Anne Graves - big flying gitis
Tom Slick - huge combo ending with spinning gitis
Mike C - excellent spinning triple fake
Buti - long, hein combo ending in back roll hemmer catch
O'mally - biggest air-water gitis of the weekend
Joe Mesner - rolls as smooth as silk
Sandy Kelp - fully submerged water catch

New England Overall Flying Disc Championships
May 26 & 27, 2001
Camp Coniston, Grantham, NH

The New England Freestyle Championships, part of the New England Overalls, was another in a long line of grand times in the northeast. TD Gordy Adell set everyone up at a YMCA camp in New Hampshire complete with individual cottages surrounding a picturesque lake. The tournament folks were the only residents. The communal environment with generous accomodations allowed everyone to relax and enjoy each other and the surroundings. The nights were topped off with group jams with outstanding musicians and no worries regarding acoustic amplitudes.

Oh yeah, and the freestyle was alot of fun too! In fact, the finals were rained out and we were forced to have them indoors after dinner and drinks a la Rimini. It led to an awesome vibe in the intimate and very playable setting.

There were about 14 teams (results forthcoming) along with (I believe) 5 amateurs competing. The semifinals were outside and all of it was completed in good winds with no rain. In fact, the rains came right after everyone finished and the judging complete...excellent timing if it were to happen. I did not know many of the teams, but there was a bunch of old crust returning. A couple were from the late 70's era (sorry, forgot names) and knew alot of the names bandied about in Skippy's articles. Some highlights included Greg Black's gitis followed by him leading cheers for himself, Kraig Steffan and others doing the ultimate sacrifice and diving full horizontal for some catches...horizontal diving seemed to be a theme of the semis. At one point during one routine (to a Dead song) the power went out. The audience (at least those with skills) continued singing the song perfectly as the routine continued without hesitation...a tournament moment. Jason Southwick played awesome, cleanly doing alot of double disc rim moves from the old days. Vic Ouzoonian and Dan Berman had a nice routine put together. Steve Scannell and Rick Williams have put the pieces together for next month's Masters, using their main skill (having a combined age over 100!) and had a great semi routine. Pipo and I had fun playing to some Santana as I double disced it a little and Pipo did his karate kid thing. Piposis rules! Scott and Toddy took over the crowd with Scott's rangy contortions and Toddy's facial expressions and gymnastics.

The finals were indoors and everyone played awesomely as the crowd REALLY got into it. It is clear the night howl is a fan favorite...although forcing the jammers to behave until complete!! Jason was in his element. Steve was able to do extensive juggling. Vic and Dan again played well with Dan earning a disc just for going for a roots! Pipo and I had another good jam, really firing up the crowd. We had a couple truly electric moments. We started the routine sharing a recorded phone message some New Englanders had sent me the week before. Ask any of us for an explanation...good fun. Scott and Todd came last and had an awesome routine. With a slow start and rough finish they left the door a bit open. Pipo and I won, Scott and Todd came in second and Steve and Rick third. I am not sure of the results otherwise, I just wanted to get this out to share the vibe.

A few (not as many as usual, so loading should be faster) pictures are up on www.photopoint.com , visit freestyler@mediaone.net and view the "new england overalls 2001" album.

Gordy, do it again...and for the Masters next year...you ROCK...thanks!!

Paul Kenny

Open Pairs

    1 Jeanne Black
    2 Joan Matteuzzi
Juniors Under 16
    1 Nick Newman
    2 Eddie Cohn
Juniors Under 12
    1 Katrina Malakhoff

Virginia States
April 21-22, 2001
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Hi everyone,
Just got back from the twenty-fifth VA States Overall Championships. The weather was unusally cooperative this year. Sun blazing and light, but swirling wind conditions throughout the weekend! The one hundred and ten competitors feasted at Lazlo's Weiner World with uncomparable fare at more than reasonable prices. If you haven't been to the largest east coast event as a competitor, you don't know what you're missing. The operative word is FUN and casual atmosphere. This year Sunday was graced by a live band which rocked the field throughout the afternoon.

Related to the freestyle portion of the event, several specialists showed up to strut their stuff in front of the very receptive VA crowd. There were fourteen teams and the pools were judged using a rank judging system. Time and again, judges in Virginia seem to give the nod to those top-notch presentational routines, and this year was no exception. Four females participated in the open freestyle format, in which three advanced to the seven team final round.

The appearance of two freestyle legends, Joey and Erwin made the event extra special. The preliminary rounds were much hotter than that of the finals...but certainly there were some highlights within the final round even with lower execution scores.

Bob, Jack and Randy had to scratch their final appearance due to a mishap suffered by Bob in the prelims. He had to be carted off to the hospital for a seperated shoulder injury. Nikki, Deanna and Richhi put on their patented presentational routine. It's always fun to see these three hit so many standing gitises (or is plural giti?) that you tend to believe that this is their "bail" move! (Wish I had a bail move like that in my pocket!)

Dale and Phil dusted off their routine to show some creative co-oping. Phil had some moments of smooth disc work, while Dale displayed his powerful spinning catches. However, both had too many drops in order to seed bust beyond the 5th place spot. Erwin, Judy and Eric put some flowing co-ops together that they hit solidly from the get-go. Erwin shined and demonstrated some powerful double spinning flying catches, as well as many sweet body roll combinations. Judy threw in a few big spinning toe tipping moves along with her own big flying gitis catch. Eric was able to show some solid jam time even though he had hip replacement surgery two years ago. But too many drops plagued Judy and Eric's performances which restricted them from breaking into the top three places. Playing next was Harvey and Tom Lasher. Tom shredded the field with many consecutive individual moves. He made the crowd roar when he hit a smoking double spinning crow catch and a very graceful combination into a blistering spinning flamingitis catch. Harvey played solidly as well with some rolling and brushing combinations to complement Lash's power moves. This team finished with the lowest execution deductions, despite one major throw away in the midst of the routine. This team proved that you could seed bust into a finals even with the depth of talent seeded ahead of them. Finishing third was the smooth, flow routine of Doug, Joey and Rob. These veterans demonstrated what you can do with a quick exchange game which stressed speedflow and movement among its team members. All had some brillant quick catches from the other jammer's feed. The non-stop movement made the audience marvel. However, the team hit a string of quick drops within the middle of the five-minute routine. This wasn't a definitive loss, but they did leave the door open for a stronger routine to take the win. Having them drop one seed to finish third was a slight surprise though.

A finals wouldn't be the same without some fluff thrown into a routine and Todd, Ted and Scott didn't disappoint. They had the live band accompany them with a rocking number. They made an untraditional entrance by driving onto the field in Todd's very colorful frisbee van. Ted met a slight snafu when he tried to open his door only to find it locked! But the momentary hitch didn't stop them from smiling and being the ever present showmen. The three came out and showcased a version of Ted and Scott's simultaneously choreographed Broadway show sequences. Although the sequences weren't laden with difficulty, they looked very visually pleasing. Then the three broke out into their individual moves and presented very athletic and consecutive combinations. Ted jammed hard and displayed his tremendous expertise with double and triple spinning catches. Todd showcased a variety of combinations long with a photo opportunity for his one-armed handstand catch. Scott showed the crowd his polished intricate consecutive moves puntuated with a big spinning flamingoasis catch. This team likewise, had several drops midway through their routine leaving the crowd scratching their heads as to whom would win the top honor since there were no clean routines presented. But the nod went to Ted, Scott and Todd and all were literally crowned victors.

Briefly highlighting the overall finishers: Arizona's Harvey Brandt captured his third VA State Open Title along with his first coveted Maximum Time Aloft M.T.A. "Mr. Bubble" title. Harvey's acceptance speech acknowledged the fact that he was the oldest winner of the open overall title but more impressive was the win by the women's overall champion won by thirteen year old Nikki Ross who is as distinguished since she is the youngest female winner. Nikki has matured to be a significant overall competitor winning womens golf and squeaking out Judy Robbins by 3/100 of a second to win the MTA title.

Here's how it all played out for the top seven freestyle teams:

Judy Robbins

New England Indoor Freestyle Frisbee Championship
Saturday, February 17, 2001
South Jr. High School / Brockton, MA

See some pictures of the event from Paul Kenney's photo album

What an outstanding event. From the hosting to the jamming to an appreciative audience, the highlights were incredibly numerous. Ted Oberhaus, Scott Sailor and the Ross family snagged all the hardware, but that is only a small part of the excellence that transpired. Steve Scannell (our beloved TD) and Nicki Nicholson put on a juggling performance that was sophisticated and a joy to watch. Steve probably had the highlight of the tourney with his flying 'table top' Bose-itis while playing with shredmeister Steve Hanes, making a return following back surgery. Steve is so awesome with his gymnastic flowing style looking sweet. Petri Isola and Alan Caplin shredded and seed busted to the finals, where they again played great. The Ross ladies themselves seed busted, shredding in mixed AND open pairs. Mark Ide was a jamming fool, displaying some old school savvy. Brad Keller and

Bill Dubulier had an excellent routine with a lot of speedflow components. Brad's range of goofy throws was confusing. The Titcomb boys were in fine form, showing off the kind of air youthful legs allow for. Ted came out of the woodwork to remind us all how much work is to be done. He and Deanna Ross had a cool mixed routine if he could only do spin moves, his game would be complete!

Ted and Scott Sailor gave us an insider's view of the Pucci sports routine, including handing out a 'Playbill' of their winning performance piece (courtesy Chrissie) in the Finals (see photopoint). The routine was intense making the audience work to keep up outstanding. It is clear what is happening with Scott. I do not know how to define 'IT', but I know it when I see it and Scott has 'IT'. His individual routine was a sheer thing of beauty. Flowing, timed, difficult, continuous, air, big seals and confident.

Ricchi and Nikki Ross had a great mixed routine. Both of them are growing by leaps and bounds and it showed very clearly as they took home the gold. Toddy Brodeur and Diego Gamboa probably did the most peeling. They shredded and then shredded. I was not there Thursday, but I was told Dan Yarnell was going ridiculous, leaving the other Jammers in the dust. At the tournament, it was a tossup as to whether Ted or Scott was the ultramegaheinest. On Sunday, it was Toddy. Displaying a new array of moves and seals, he is ripping!

On the social side, Steve opened his doors and the vaults. A big meal was served for the awards ceremony at the Gondola nearby with an interesting waitress experience. Nicki cooked breakfast and bagels were always plentiful. We watched a lot of videos and enjoyed the view as we listened to the ice crack on the lake. After Sunday's mobup, we went to Toddy's to hit the hot tub, outdoors (frozen) lakeside.

Steve has a great tourney, over 20 jammers strong and growing coming from Texas to California and all over. He is ready to host the 2002 FPA Worlds as it was clear all the locals enjoyed chipping in with housing, airport runs and all the little things a TD stresses about. The freestyle faction of NEFA is a strong team capable of pulling off anything. Thanks guys and girls!

Steve, thanks again for spilling your heart and soul out there for us and great jamming too!!!

Paul Kenny

Mixed Pairs-Finals (4 minutes)

1.Nikki Ross & Ricchi Ross
2.Deanna Ross & Ted Oberhuas
3.Nicki Nicholson & Steve Scannell

Open Pairs Finals (4 minutes)

1.Ted Oberhaus & Scott Sailor
2.Steve Hanes & Steve Scannell
3.Todd Brodeur & Diego Gamboa
4.Alan Caplin & Petri Isola

Random Co-op (4 minutes)

1.Ted Oberhaus, Mark Ide, Bradford T. Keller
2.(tie) Nicki Nicholson, Steve Scannell, Scott Sailor \ Todd Brodeur, Alan Caplin, Rick Williams
3.Bill Dubilier, Petri Isola, Vero Titcomb
4.Diego Gamboa, Xtehn Titcomb, Dan Yarnell

Solo Freestyle (90 seconds)

1.Scott Sailor
2.Dan Yarnell
3.Paul Kenny
4.Todd Brodeur
5.Steve Hanes
6.Nikki Ross
7.Rick Williams
8.Ricchi Ross
9.Deanna Ross

Semi Finals

Open Pairs-Pool A (4 minutes)

1.Todd Brodeur & Diego Gamboa
2.Petri Isola & Alan Caplin
3.Nikki Ross & Deanna Ross
4.Dan Yarnell & Paul Kenny
5.Nicki Nicholson & Rick Williams

Open Pairs-Pool B

1.Steve Hanes & Steve Scannell
2.Ted Oberhaus & Scott Sailor
3.Xtehn Titcomb & Vero Titcomb
4.Bill Dubilier & Bradford T. Keller
5.Mark Ide & Richhi Ross

The 2001 US Indoor Championships
February 10th-11th
Jackson, WY

...On Saturday, apre ski, we hit the gym. First off, the sound system was sick. My friend Ken came in and DJ'ed through a monstrous reggae collection. For the first three hours we all jammed and dusted off the winter crust. Then we assembled the judges. For the first time in the history of the US Indoors, Z was not here to judge. However, Jonathan Willett wore the head judge hat in his honor. Two other New Yorkers judged alongside him, Jason Cooper and Jill Simon (or is it Jill Hanson-Fresh?) Anyway, leading off were Seattleites Bob Boulware and John Titcomb. They started off co-oping well together, moving into a series of indies. Both of them were going for their A-game, but a few in the hand drops hurt their chances.

Next up were Tom and I, we played to a mix of Burning Spear and Marley. We had some good speedflow until I dropped a bad attitude off Tom's bad attitude overhand wristflip throw. Then we went full out. One of my neighbors said to me,"your partner is really good-perpetual motion man." I corrected her a little saying,"Consecutive motion man." I was a little gitis happy, but when you're peeling why wouldn't you be? We ended up playing about 6 minutes, mostly ripping.

Then Doug E and Rob came on. As usual they pulled out smooth, flowing and airy play. Their use of space and the variety of styles they take you through is pretty amazing. Rob Fried rips with anyone, and Doug not only knows where to be, he knows how, when and what to be as well. The only drop they had that wasn't in the hand was when Rob went for a mind blowing upside down osis pull. After that, we just jammed another couple hours, then went to the Cafe 245 for a sweet meal with homebrews.

Sunday was more low key. Ken could only play the reggae one day, so we plugged in Keller Williams Mardi Gras 2000 live and jammed heinously until we couldn't play any longer. By that time Rob was injured and couldn't play, so he filmed the jam.

. . . . mr