1999 Tournament Results

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  • 24th Annual AZ State Overall Championships
    Vista Del Camino, Scottsdale, AZ November 14th, 1999

    tied for 7th
    Harvey Brandt, Beth Verish and Dale Dunivan
    Conrad Daman, Peter Albers and Evan Heinaman
    tied for 9th
    Jennifer Griffin, Dave Griffin and Susie Horn
    Snapper Pierson, Mark Horn, and John Titcomb

    The Jammers Championship

    Adventure Landing in Jacksonville Beach, FL
    October 23-24, 1999

    The Jammers Championships at Adventure Landing was a rousing success by any measure. The finest moment was probably in between rounds when a Zillion Adventure Landing fastbacks were given to all the kids (ages 1-100) and everyone was out throwing or jamming. What a sight to see families tossing with their kids while the jammers were mobbing up in a hodgepodge of activity. Discs everywhere.

    Prior to starting the tournament, the jammers invoked a moment of silence in tribute to our good friend Fernando Direito. The collective thoughts of the freestyle community are with Fernando and his family.

    Carlos "Pipo" Lopez and Terry "TJ" Johnson got things off to an outstanding beginning by incorporating both of their martial arts training and in quick order had a fired up spinning, gitising routine. Seed busting out of the box, they still had more to show later. Steve "pops" Scannell and Rik Downs came out next and had a tasty too-many-to-count disc intro followed with a gitis passing, monster contorting crust removal jamming. Gregg "(sl)Uggo" Hosfeld and Buddy "Hammerhead" Adams came out and powered the diff with Gregg's genetically defective moves and Buddy's ground work pulling out their pool. Dan YarNail and Jeff "red-eye" Kruger came out and played well individually and hit some tasty combos, but dropped a bit.

    The second pool began with Renee Pardo and Cindy Kruger pairing up for an all woman's team shred. Cindy crushed as only she can and Renee came out of retirement (she's 18!) to show moves that youth is serving well. Next up was Scott Sailor and a mystery jammer. All week Scott was coy about his partner and had convinced this TD Gary Aurebach was making a triumphant return. Well, how the tables turned. This TD pulled a mystery jammer move at the New England Indoors this past spring, playing with Toddy Brodeur. One would think your partner would be the last to pull the wool over your eyes. It was not to be. Toddy Mystery and Scott played their routine from the FPA's with cool speedflow, throws and big post catches to crush. Carl "Bannerman" Emerson and Jeff O'Brien went out and jammed with the chemistry and smoothness they have always had together. Dave "no nickname needed" Murphy and Paul Kenny went last and powered out diff with MURF getting the kind of air that Wilt Chamberlain could walk through long before he was 6 ft. under.

    Semifinal results...

    Pool A:

    Pool B: Making the finals were the top two teams from each pool.

    The mixed pairs finals followed with three teams competing for the appreciative Adventure Landing crowd. Up first were Renee Pardo and Paul Kenny. Renee recently moved to Jacksonville to attend college and the two put together a routine based on Renee's talents and music tastes. Showing a savvy beyond her years and an awesome ability to put the clampers on as well as contortion which youth serves well, the two hit cues and played clean. Up next, Steve Scannell and Nicki Nicholson went next and showed that age differential is no barrier to tasty play. Nicki has come a long way in very short order, with Steve tutoring her with a commitment that comes from something more than just field chemistry. Up last were the Krugers. They had a bit of a rough start and end, but had killer coops and power difficulty with a strong center portion. With the Krugers taking the red eye two nights prior, followed by all day jamming as well as being finalists in the party the night before, and with the surprising coming out of Renee, the mixed pairs results were...

    Following a cool demo by Boomer the wonder dog and the aforementioned mega kid and adult disc mob-up, the open finals ensued. Playing first was the seed busters, Pipo and TJ. Again spinning, kicking and hitting big catches, they were able to move up yet again. Scott and Mystery Brodeur came out and again hit most of their routine. A bit of a rough spot opened the door for Pipo and TJ. Gregg and Buddy came out and uggo'd and contorted again, hitting the moves that parents warn their kids about. The superstitious team of Dave "broken mirror" Murphy and Paul "voodoo" Kenny came next. Following a humourous prestart, the two had a strong intro, hit some big indies highlighted by Murf's "air Chamberlain" gitis and finished tightly. The

    final results...

    A final mob-up finished off the official event. Adventure Landing was VERY impressed by the product and has already initiated some fired up talk about putting even more into next year's event. The crew then caravaned to over to the Kenny's for some bar-b-q and libations. A spontaneous rave occurred as the Kenny living room was opened up and dancing was the order of the night. The highlight was clearly Cindy Kruger and Cheryl Kenny (with Pipo trying his best) doing the Macarena followed later by Jeff O'Brien's version of some sort of tribal dance ritual.

    Special thanks to Carl Emerson and Emerson Signworks for a cool banner promoting the event. Well, time for the beach jam.......

    . After the previous night's BBQ and rave, the Sunday beach jam got off to a slow start with cobwebs and strong wind. A few committed to football while most of the northerners had a jam best exemplified by "the wind giveth, the wind taketh away". With a 20 MPH ocean breeze not getting in the way of a jam, about 4 mob-ups occurred with each crew about 5 strong. With the wind strong, teamwork was a must. Out of this, the obvious rough moments occurred, but...some of the most rewarding moments of some jammers careers happened. Cindy K hit her first triple catch ever. Jeff K hit his first ever quad (was it quint?) pull. Scott was the junk collector, hitting osi (plural for osis?) off of his mob-up's leftovers. Following the jam, Cyclone Anaya's called...this is the same place Carl Emerson used earlier to create what might be the moment of the tournament. Ask him. I am sworn to silence...

    Monday turned into the day everyone expected. 12 mph, low tide, 90% of the jammers remaining. Epicness hit another level. Jeff O. started the vide with three (count them 3!) gitis tips followed by....a gitis! If you didn't hit a double or triple something, you were at work!! The TD hit a quad gitis for gosh sakes!!!! The highlight might have been Toddy and TD doing a 1 hour counter jam amongst the clockness which reigned supreme otherwise. The Krugers were the first to leave, but not until they sweated their way to a harsh smell for the folks sitting next to them on the flight home. The K's know how to rock like few jammers in the universe.

    Final thoughts...

    Pray for Fernando
    MURF and Renee rule!
    The people I have met through freestyle are the finest people in the world.
    I need rest!


    World Beach Invitational

    Pictures of the Event, from the California Channel

    Ventura Beach
    Ventura, CA
    Sept 18-19, 1999

    Wow! I just gotta say it again - WoooooooWWWWW!

    Some of the best tournament jamming of the 1990's went down last weekend in Ventura. Saturdays 1st round was played on the beach with almost no wind early in the day, then an off shore breeze picked up later in the afternoon - the fog never did clear up on Sat.

    Arthur Coddington among others played incredible - one combo featured 3 consecutive skids into a birth delay.

    On Sunday, the weather gods smiled on us and we got perfect conditions - sunny skies and a northern breeze at 5-8 mph.

    Anne Graves and Mark Regalbuti played really well together and seed busted to make the finals by winning the B - Final. (The B Final featured the 4th and 5th place routines from the open pairs semi going against each other for the final spot in the final).

    In the Open Pairs final Buti and Anne played well again and Sandy Kelp and Dave Schiller survived some early drops to get really hein to post a respectable 5th place finish. Dave Zeff and Richi Smitz used their veteran savvy to control the wind and work the disc for a 4th. Arthur Coddington and Danny Cameranesi really shredded taking 3rd place. Tommy Leitner and Mikey Reid hit some really big stuff but had a flat section opening the door for Dave Murphy and Dave Lewis and they really seized the opportunity. Murphy played great and Lewis was absolutely Smoking! Especially in the second half of the routine - these guys really pushed the envelope and hit one of the best pairs routines of recent memory!

    In the Co-op Final Sandy Kelp, Danny Cameranesi and Dave Schiller had a rough start but really pulled it together hitting some awesome brushing co-ops and big indys. Dave Lewis, Arthur Coddington and Dave Murphy played awesome - hitting almost all their co-ops and going for big indy after big indy. It's so awesome to see these guys just totally peel out!

    But on this day there was one of those jams that just doesn't happen very often. You can call it magic or luck or juju or whatever but for the 5 minutes that the Led Zeppelin song "Whole Lotta Love" played, the team of Chip Bell, Tommy Leitner and Mikey Reid hit stuff that you usually just dream about. Mikey did one combo that included about 4 consecutive against moves then with little z's left - he shot out a yogi pass into a brushing run that ended with a gitis brush into a roll into roots! Chip and I were standing there in complete awe with our hand in the air - phenom! He threw the disc back and Tommy (me) pulled off a double spinning standing gitis pull out into and against pass into an above the water gitis. Later on Chipper hit a scarecrow brush directly to Mikey's scarecrow brush into a huge water gitis.

    Neither Chip, Tommy or Mikey could remember being in a routine where more hein things happened. There was a little flat spot toward the end of the routine, but they brought it back together in a big way to hit the last couple of co-ops.

    Whew! It's been a long time since I've seen so many players push the envelope of freestyle so far at one event - Mikey, Dave Lewis, Murph, Sandy, Danny C, Arthur, Chip Bell, and Dave Schiller all left the fluff behind and went into "total shred mode". That's the way to close out the millenium!!! Too bad nobody stuck around to video the co-op final though ;(

    Congrats to Mikey Reid on his biggest win since winning the FPA pairs event with Johnathan Willet in 1993. And Congrats to Chipper Bro Bell for his biggest win since...?...the 1988 FPA Pairs win with Joey?

    Quotes from the tournament -

    "You can do anything you ever wanted out there right now, the tide is low and the wind is perfect!" Buti after winning the B Final.

    "That was the most incredible thing I've ever seen in freestyle" Anne Graves after seeing the winning Co-op routine

    "Probably the best freestyle I've seen since I've got back into the sport in 1996." Buti after the Finals.

    "They peeled, but you guys peeled then shredded" Schiller explaining how Mikey's team had edged out Lewis' team in the Co-op final.

    Crazy John Brooks, Richi Bartal and Mark Williams were in the house. Crazy did the announcing, Richi brought up the most rockin' sound system we've heard in a long time, and Mark shot some video of the pairs final.

    Thanks so much to Chipper and Kelly Bell for making this event happen, and to all the Ventura locals who helped out!

    - Tom

    Connecticut State Flying Disc Championships
    Cranbury Park
    Norwalk, CT
    August 28, 1999


    The World Masters (freestyle results)
    June 22-26
    St. Cloud, MN


    Grand Masters Women's See the overall results at DTWorld.com

    The Santa Cruz Beach Classic III
    June 12 and 13
    Manresa Uplands State Beach, Santa Cruz, CA

    Open Pairs - Saturday

    Open Co-op - Sunday

    The Swedish Championship
    May 12 and 13
    Uppsala, Sweden

    New England Flying Disc Championships
    May 22 and 23
    Normandy Farms Campground, Foxboro, MA

    Open Freestyle

    Women's Freestyle

    Junior's Freestyle

    23rd Rhode Island State Flying Disc Championships
    April 24
    Colt State Park, Bristol, RI


    Cash, trophies, and/or discs went to the top four teams.

    Paganello 1999
    April 2nd to 5th
    Rimini, Italy

    The Acrobatic Paganello 99 was a rousing success as incredibly, a freestyle tournament was able to be completed in between the group bonding exercises.

    At the bash at a local Rimini disco, major dancing and partying gave way to to the semifinal round on the (somewhat small) dance floor. A massive sound system and huge and hugely appreciative audience set the stage for a wild round of acrobatic moves. The round began about 12:30 (00:30) in the MORNING. Juro and Agnes set the stage and got the crowd going with a developing chemistry that is already showing signs sophistication. Jan and Ninna Ekman next showed where Juro and Agnes are going next with a fine choreographed routine. Jan had an exciting interaction with a number of the fans in the audience, making his catch with a dive that made the ultimate players proud. Johnny, Clay and Morgan went next and with a uniquely european flair pumped the crowd up with cool choreography and outstanding individual moves.

    Steve and Fernando were next as Steve did his multi disc juggling routine and Fernando showed us all what it was like to be young as he got huge air on many moves, with appropriate hard landings. Reto and Karle went next as Karle showed his unique double disc delay moves, including toe jams. Reto blew the crowd away. With no room, he hit triple spinning this, double spinning that, huge air and working the audience like a maestro. Having to come on after that, Larry, Paul and Pipo went after their routine and struggled a bit compared to the preliminary round though Larry hit a few of his signature huge combos, Pipo got sick with gitosis fever and Paul hit a spinning scarecrow at the finish.

    the semifinal results...

    After a nap, the finals were held on the stage setup on the beach where the prelims were held. As in the Semis, 500 to 1000 fans surrounded the stage. With the perfect weather continuing (72 dry degrees, 10 mph seabreeze with an unsubstantiated report of one cloud) the stage was set for an outstanding finals. Juro and Agnes again began the festivities and got the audience into the jam from the start. Jan and Ninna scratched as Ninna came down with a flu like bug, relegating Jan to celebrity judge status. Fernando and Steve went next and again Steve juggled and Fernando crashed and burned, juicing the audience to a near frenzy pitch. Johnny, Clay and Morgan went next with a tasty intro. All three had huge moves, but struggled a bit from hosting duties the night before. Paul, Larry and Pipo went next and smoked their routine. All three hit big individual moves and hit all their coops, having only two drops. This put the fans over the top. Reto and Karle went last and again hit their routine successfully, finishing off the audience, who begged for more.

    With both rounds counting, a uniquely European set of circumstances ensued as a tie was declared for first place. Paganello 99 clearly was the event of the millenium, with another tie as everyone had the most fun. This tournament is not going away. The vibe here should be experienced by everyone. I know one thing...I'll be back.

    Final results...

    See you next year...Paul Kenny

    Wintertime Open
    February 13th
    Pasadena, CA

    I bet you've been wondering about the results of the Wintertime Open Freestyle Finals? Well, wonder no further...here is a cut and dry account of the action that occurred on Sunday Feb. 14th. (yeah, yeah....better late than never!) Rain wasn't in consideration this year, but the landscaping conditions were (as always). The challenge of the pothole infested field and the swirling winds are what the Wintertime Open reality is!

    The competitive teams quickly dwindled from nine teams to the "final four".

    Ousted early were (note: not listed in finishing order):

    The following four were the culminating teams in this Valentine's Day festivities

    Dan Yarnell and Jamie Chantilles played strongly to take fourth place. The two choreographed an extensive double disc routine. Jamie pleased the crowd with many of his roll combinations and Dan peeled out despite the funky winds and pot holes in the grass. One particular move that Dan pulled off that made me hoot, was a turn-over upside down skid under the leg to Jamie for the finish. It was sweet! Unfortunately, the team left too much on the ground during the 5 minute finals which prevented them from busting into the top spots.

    Unbeknownst to all judges, a surprise tie for second place was about to unfold. Who needs a third place!!! Rick Sader and Danny Cameranesi revamped their masters World Championship routine which combined tightly woven coops that icluded some double disc work. Danny played with the go-get-it attitude as he always does. His roll set-ups and big flying catch finishes seemed to please the spectators. As a great compliment, Rick pulled out his usual smooth against the spin consecutive pulls to various contorted catches (ie. nice roll into a big monster catch [ a.k.a. Shemingitis if you're from the east coast] ). Rick and Danny's finish scored only 2 one-hundredth of a point higher in one of the three judging categories to tie them with our next Valentine's Day team . Amy Bekken and Dave Schiller (now known as Mr. and Mrs.! ) performed their intricate choreographed routine. As always, Dave shreds out difficult consecutive combinations. I particularly liked his individual combination followed by an attempted neurons into a one-handed cartwheel ...too bad it didn't come off cleanly. Of course, Dave's performance was accented by Amy's flowing style. Her ability to hit several crucial endings to long coops has been paramount to the cohesiveness to their routines. Even though Dave and Amy started out very strong, there was a solid streak of brain/disc meltdown in the middle. This was also experienced by Rick and Danny. Thereby both teams opened the door for another solid routine.

    The first place team have proven time and again their competitive skills. "Dave- to the second power", couldn't keep the disc from roc king and rolling through high difficulty, smooth and consecutive combinations, as well as energy, energy energy!!!! These two can rev a crowd into a frenzy with the high flying antics of Dave Murphy's gymnastic prowess and Dave Lewis' constricted pull combinations. Even though I did hear a campaign for wanting a four minute routine as opposed to a five minute prior to the finals, Murphy didn't seem to mind the extensive jam time. It also didn't seem to negatively impact their results. Clearly these two out shredded the field and deserved their first place finish.

    This competition is an annual come-out of the winter doldrums and dust off your nails event. Even though the Wintertime Open isn't your premiere location for freestyle, all players seem to take this in stride and make the best of the conditions. Hopefully, in years to come (and maybe a letter campaign to tourney director Mark Horn), there will be a reconsideration of the site for freestyle. There could be a definite resurgence of teams if this actually came to fruition. But in the meantime, have a good jam until the next event!

    1999 New England Indoors
    February 13th
    Holbrook, MA

    Open Pairs: (4 minutes)

    Solo Freestyle: (90 seconds)

    Random Co-op Results (4 minutes)

    the 1st Slovak Freestyle Contest