2002 Tournament Results

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World Freestyle Frisbee Championships Boston, MA (July 12-14, 2002)

World Beach Invitational Ventura, CA (Oct 5-6, 2002)

The Jammers Championship Jacksonville Beach, FL (Sept 21, 2002)

Milwaukee Summerfest Open Milwaukee, WI. (June 29-30, 2002)

Santa Cruz Beach Classic VI Santa Cruz, CA. (June 22-23, 2002)

Acrobatic Paganello 2002 Rimini, Italy (March 29-April 1, 2002)

Wintershred 2002 Ocean Beach, San Francisco. (February 24, 2002)

27th Annual Arizona State Overall Championships
Nov 9-10, 2002
Vista Del Camino, Scottsdale, AZ

I want to say thanks to Harvey for another incredible event. It was a truly an outstanding weekend in Scottsdale as many jammmers can verify.

The winds were fairly gnarly this past weekend which was very unusual for our typical Nov. weather. However, most people played well despite the conditions.

Officially there were 21 teams of competitors....yes, I did type twenty-one! This is the largest turn-out of jammers in the past two years. Also, there was a surprise appearance by Kate Dow who has been living in the Santa Fe New Mexico area for the past 9 years. She brought her two children on Sat. afternoon and then reappeared Sat. night to jam when all the players were prepping for the preliminary Pool A competition. It was great seeing her play and we hope she will come out more often to jam with all of us in years to come!!!

Also, Deaton Mitchell was quite revved up to play and compete for this event, but was side-lined on Sat. after doing damage to his ankle. I'm sure he'll be psyched for his next event when he recouperates!

This year all judging was done using rank order....which cut down on a lot of extra preparation time. I'm not certain if things would have resulted in a different finish had we used the FPA system. Also, the teams were given no time penalties if they finished either too early or too late into the routine. This set up for a very relaxed atmosphere when it came to judging.

Here are the results:

Congratulations to everyone who came and competed. And to those who missed out on another AZ States... there's always next year's 28th annual!!!!!

We be zzzzzing you soon!


The New York State Freestyle Frisbee Championships
Oct 5-6, 2002
Warwick, New York

The New York State Freestyle Frisbee Championships held last weekend in Warwick, NY enjoyed great weather and big crowds as Warwick celebrated its 14th annual AppleFest. Over 30,000 people attended this years AppleFest and many got a chance to see Freestyle Frisbee for the first time. Prelims took place Saturday between 4- 6pm as part of AppleFest Eve. The Village of Warwick gave the event a great location and alot of publicity--a full-page story on the front page of the sports section plus a couple of radio interviews.

The finals on Sunday were part of the entertainment for the AppleFest celebration. Large crowds got to see some great freestyle play as well as a quick instructional frisbee demo by Erwin Velasquez and Gary Auerbach. Spencer Bradley, from "Zen and the Art of Freestyle Frisbee" fame, was the MC of the event and kept things moving with his humor and knowledge of the game. He also provided those who slept over at the Barn a great breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs (folded, not stirred), thick bacon, sticky buns, and lots of coffee.

There were also a couple of frisbee dogs who entertained the crowd in between some of the routines. WCBQ radio station provided the sound system and Hannah Maxwell took care of the music.

The Freestyle Frisbee finals had $1,000.00 in prize money for the top 3 teams. Seven teams competed in the finals. The top 4 teams were so close that less than 1 point seperated all of them--the crowd got a great 90 minute show. Chris Ryan from Burlington, VT. showed up and although he said he hadn't played in years, showed everyone that he still doesn't suck. Paul & Mary Brenner also made it to the tournament and showed everyone that there not just great DDC players. The final results were:

I would also like to mention and thank all the sponsors who made this event possible. Frank's Pizza, WCBQ 1110 radio station, Country Chevrolet, Yesterday's Pub, Warwick Motel, P&J Steakhouse, Meadowlark Bed & Breakfast, Breakwell, Tuscon Cafe, Warwick Valley Winery, Claudia Vaccaro Realty, The Bookstore, Sanford & Son Insurance, Eclectic Eye Antiques, Discovering the World, & Monogramming & Sporting Goods of Warwick.

I would also like to thank everyone who came out and put on a good show for the crowd. Hopefully this will happen again next year and we'll have more sponsors and more prize money.

Special thanks also goes out to Chris Ryan, Brad Keller, Gary Auerbach, Erwin Velazquez, Hannah Maxwell, Robert Fried, Danny Doyle, Bill Newman, Spencer Bradley, Chrissy & Ted, & Scott & Deb.

Pat Rabdau

Tampico Open VIII
Sept 21-22, 2002
Santa Cruz, CA, 2002

Random Co-op Results:

    1. Mike Cloud/Tam Wolfe/Tom Leitner
    2. Paul Klimmek/Melissa Trail/Skippy Jammer
    3. Mark Regalbuti/Mike Esterbrook/Doug Korns

Masters World Overall Flying Disc Championships
July 16-20, 2002
Charlton, MA

For all of you who couldn't be at the Masters...the freestyle was held yesterday (prelims and finals) in light wind conditions at Brimfield Mass. 23 teams competed!


    1st Place Larry Imperiale/Joel Rogers/ Paul Kenny M
    2nd Place Steve Hanes/Jamie Chantilles GM
    3rd Place Toddy Brodeur/Alan Caplin M
    4th Place Rick Williams/Steve Scannell GM
    5th Place Judy Robbins/Bethany Sanchez WM
    6th Place Harvey Brandt/Tim Mackey GM
    7th Place Brad Wendt/Mike Hughes M
    8th Place Anne Graves/Dan Roddick GM


Colorado States
June 29-30

1 Larry Imperiale / Dave Hesselberth
2 Bill Wright / Harvey Brandt
3 Randy Lahm / John Schiller
4 Chauncey Donaldson / Sabrina Donaldson
5 Mary Zurn / (Larry Imperiale throwing)
6 Turner Ray / Scott Caesar
7 Matt Scanlan / Jason Rosenbaum
8 Steve Hardyman / Tempe Krieger
9 Mike Prillwitz / Nick Kinard

Thanks to John Schiller and The Wright Life.



Aquatica Park, Milan, Italy
June 29-30

While you were all at Summerfest, Vagolino happened. Named after Morgan's dog, this first-time Milan tournament happened June 29-30, and you shoulda been there! Nine pairs, head-to-head, fantastic comradery, Paganello veterans and young wanna jamjamjam jammers you _know_ will come next year. Hot weather, tunes, pasta, birra, who cares about the World Cup! Look for more in the Forum.

John Titcomb
(Writing today from Italy)


Minnesota States Overall Championship
June 22-23, 2002
St Cloud, MN

    1st Brad Wendt-Mike Hughes
    2nd Tim Mackey-Dave Kuetner
    3rd Rico Schneider-Jon Drummond
    4th Chris Sieben-Tim Gellerman
    5th Woody Wendt-Andy Wineberg


Italian National Freestyle Championships
Circeo Beach National Park. March 2-3, 2002

    1st Lorenzo Apriani/Fernando Botrugno/Claudio Collera'
    2nd Alessandro Damiano/Andrea Farnocchia
    3rd Marco Ruperto/Simone Caliento
    4th Maurizio Guarnieri/Paolo Sestigiani
    5th Massimo Ardagna/Angelo Rovieri
    6th Luca Gagliardi/Paolo Valesi
you can see complete results here:


Virginia States
April 13-14, 2002
Pratt Park, Fredericksburg, VA

    1st Place
    Deaton Mitchell
    Dave Murphy
    Ted Oberhaus

    2nd Place
    Rob Fried
    Joey Hudoklin
    Doug Simon aka Doug E. Fresh

    3rd Place
    Dale Crawford
    Phil Kappa

    4th Place
    Todd Brodeur
    Rodney Sanchez

    5th Place
    Harvey Brandt
    Tom Lasher

    6th Place
    Ron Knapk
    Brian Steffen
    Ronnie Turner

2002 New England Indoor Freestyle Frisbee Championships
West Jr. High School, Brockton, MA
Saturday, February 16, 2002

    Open Pairs

    1 Carlos "Pipo" Lopez and Jake Gauthier, $100 and Trophy
    2 Todd Brodeur and Petri Isola, $50 and Trophy
    3 Rick Williams and Steve Scannell, $25 and Trophy
    4 Mark Ide and Paul Brenner, Disc
    5t Rohre Titcomb and John Titcomb
    5t Mary Brenner and Alex Schwartz

    Mixed Pairs

    1 Jake Gauthier and Rohre Titcomb, $50 and Trophy
    2 Paul Brenner and Mary Brenner, $25
    3 Todd Brodeur and Chrystal Brodeur, Disc


    1 Todd Brodeur, $25 and Trophy
    2 Carlos "Pipo" Lopez, $15 and Trophy
    3 Steve Scannell $10, and Trophy
    4 Mark Ide
    5 John Titcomb
    6 Paul Brenner

    Random Co-op

    1 Jake Gauthier, Rick Williams, and Mary Brenner, Trophy
    2 Petri Isola, Steve Scannell, and Mark Ide
    3 Carlos "Pipo" Lopez, John Titcomb, and Alex Schwartz


the 22nd Annual Wintertime Open
Sunday, Feb 17, 2002
Hahamongna Watershed Park (formerly Oak Grove), Pasadena, CA

Last weekend was the 24th annual Wintertime Open. This tournament is mainly golf but it used to have a very strong Freestyle event as well.

With new grass in place (replacing the old gopher hole infested turf), tournament director Mark Horn was hoping to re-establish the Freestyle field. Unfortunately the word didn't get out or the threat of rain kept people away.

Showing up at the field were Dave Lewis, Dave Murphy, Dan Roddick, Jamie Chantiles, Doug Korns, Rick Sader, Danny Evans and Cliff Towne.

The grass was brown for the Winter but VERY nice. The best field that Oak Grove has seen. It was flat, cut short and perfect for playing. The wind was pretty good and the rain stayed away.

Danny decided to video tape and Cliff decided not to compete so it only left the six of us to duke it out.

Three pairs playing 5 minutes - one round. Stork and Doug played first and played well but didn't really have a routine. Jamie and Rick played next. They had a routine with some nice co-ops and both hit some great indys as well. A few to many drops left the door open for Dave and Dave. The Dave's pulled the Arizona States routine off the shelf and hit enough big stuff to take the title.

The players split up and did a couple demos for the golfers after their round was done.

All in all a fun day and I would encourage the freestylers to put this tourney back on their schedules....the field is NICE!

Final results:

    1) Dave Lewis and Dave Murphy
    2) Jamie Chantiles and Rick Sader
    3) Dan Roddick and Doug Korns

An observer took some digital shots and gave them to me so I am passing them on.

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6



Mardi Gras Freestyle Jam 2002
Feb 9-10, 2002
New Orleans, LA

First of all my thanks goes out to Jennifer and Lana for the great hospitality. The food was awesome, especially Jenn's breakfast every morning. Love those banana walnut pancakes!! ( no wonder Deaton's having a hard time doing a twisto ) ha ha. Upon my arrival, Deaton and I went to Jimmy Swaggert's World Ministry Complex ( Swaggertville to start the jam. Indoor vollyball court with carpet. Deaton was on . Hitting every combo in sight. ( look out people ) After an hour of intense jamming with the great one, off to the sacred jamming grounds to meet up with the machine, the animal, Pat Carrosco . 40 degree's but we didn't care , it was showtime. Another hour of jamming in sunny but cold weather started the Mardi Gras Jam. Friday, Pat and Dan ( nonstop ) Yarnell were already shredding it up when Deaton and I arrived. Just watching those two in action was artwork in motion. Dan was hitting his combos with such grace and beauty. Double spinning kick brushes, scarecrow brushes and everything else in his book. ( what a book ). Let me tell you about deadman crying. Pat makes the dead man cry with ease. He is a true frisbee god. He does not make many mistakes and when he does, you never know it. The ultimate Death Jammer. Saturday morning it was off to the Spanish Town Parade in downtown Baton Rouge.

Pat and I were the first one's back to the jamming fields. Within minutes of us breaking out the disc, the ultimate players crowd were laying on their blankets and all eyes were upon us. Flash bulbs popping and video camera's rolling. You should of seen the look on their faces when Pat was doing double spinning indig to knee brushes to foot brushes to double spinning gitosis. This man went off in an manner I can't describe. The rest of the gang showed up, and it was on. Jam, jam,jam!!!

Deaton and I broke off by ourselves, and went into our own little world. Bayou jamming rules!!! Gary broke out the z machine and every one took their turn. Lots of fun. The day was coming to an end and so were our bodies. If you didn't leave Lousiana hurting, then you didn't play hard enough. Thanks goes out to Willi and Gary, you guys shred, Dan ( does he ever stop) Yarnell. Special thanks goes out to Jennifer, Lana, and the best of the best Deaton and Pat.