1998 Tournament Results
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Check out some hot Beach Jamming at the JAMMERS Championship, held in Jacksonville, FL (October 17)

Tampico IV results

See Reults from the FPA Worlds, http://www.freestyledisc.org/comp/98worlds.html held in Seattle, WA (July 24-26)

Review of the Santa Cruz Classic by Skippy Jammer

See the results from the 1998 Beach Championships .

Plus, here are some bonus pictures

The 1998 Indoor Championships, Jackson, WY (March 7-8)

Results from Saturday and Sunday. Also, check out a few Photos

23rd Arizona State Championships Nov 14-15th
Vista Del Camino, Scottsdale, AZ

What a assembly of talent this year!! More teams than any other year in recent memory.This year's AZ State overall championships attracted 21 open pairs teams for a one day competition on Sunday. Of course, I had my share of up's and down's this weekend (car stolen on Fri. the 13th :-( ...but managed to gather enough composure and help to run this huge field of freestylers. Thanks to those who lent a hand!!

The weather was perfect!! Low 80's and no wind conditions throughout the weekend. People gathered on Fri. to jam their hearts out until Sunday's two rounds of freestyle. Due to the large amount of competitors, a four pool preliminary round was held with teams performing consecutively. Unfortunately, the Double Disc Court ran longer than expected (also an unprecedented number of talented teams -18 total) thereby pushing the start-up time 2 hours later than expected.

Luckily, jammers managed to complete the competition under ballfield lights into the early evening. The first round had a harsh cut to the top 2 teams from each pool advancing to the finals. Due to limited time considerations, only two rounds were possible. The finals weren't as polished as the prelims...but it was a tight finish. The top two finishing teams had a seperation of 4 tenths of point!

In the future, the freestyle format may have to change if the amount of teams continues to be so large. But Harvey and I are willing to rethink this as long as we have the support!! Hope you consider it in 1999!!!

tied for 9th Mark Regalbutti/Randy Wylot Tom Lasher/ Jay Mouldenhauer Fernando Direito/Scott Sailor Cindy Kruger/Jeff Kruger

tied for 13th Mary Jorgenson/ Steve Hayes Randy Lahm/ Peter Albers Evan Henemann/Chris Filer Mark Horn/ Christoper Horn

tied for 17th Scott Stokely/ Dan Roddick Snapper Pierson/Conrad Damon Jennifer Griffin/ Blair Paulsen

tied for 20th Sunny Cade/Johnny Lighthizer Beth Verish/Susie Horn

NY States
October 10th, 1998
Mt. Kisco, New York

Well, the end of October means a lot for many people, but for us on the East coast it means it's time for Ted Oberhaus's tourney in Leonard park. The park boasts a full Disc golf course through the woods and many jammers showed up before noon to get in a few rounds in the dampness before the afternoons freestyle event. Our gracious host, Ted. Announced he wouldn't be playing because of the responsibilities of being tournament director. The stage was set!! Jamie Chantilles was supposedly "the man with the plan" but as they say "no show-no go".

At 3 PM the prelims began. The ground was a bit mushy and slippery. Cross-trainers were definitely a prerequisite. There were 2 pools competing for the finals and 6 teams would have to take a seat and watch the finals. Notable in the prelims were NYC's own Brad keller and Gerry linus who had some great flow catch throw combos and some fantastic blind throws and catches by keller.

On to the finals. The gray and somewhat dreary weather gave way a little and it brightened up as the 6 teams got ready. In the finals were Carl Emerson and the French champion Fernando, Rich Reilly and Rick Williams, Richie Regensberg of NYC got out of the masters div. and teamed up with Canadian Gary Auerbach, NYC favorites Rob fried and Doug E. Fresh, Scott Sailor and Toddy Brodeur. And Paul Kenny had the Puerto Rican Champ Pipo Lopez flown in as his partner.

Notable performances in the finale were by Fernando from France who showed strong and decisive combos for a guy only having 14 months freestyling experience. Rich Rielly and Rick were hysterical. Paul kenny and Pipo had a good routine with some good difficulty factors including some GREAT turnover/control/against manipulations but had several drops. Rob "fabio" Fried and Mr. fresh whipped out their routine from the F. P. A. worlds in Seattle and had a great run with many successful exchanges and they continued to knock singles up the middle (so to speak) with few drops. Spinning Gitus and flamingo were shared by both. There were some bad attitudes and the Lacer clinic was very much open. Fun was had by all and there were some new young faces showing their stuff in the competition.

The party that ensues at Ted's is always the best! BBQ and hot tubs baby! Many thanks go to Ted's significant other Chrissy for all she did to feed 30 people. Rob Fried is still in the tub as I write this update.

The results were as follows:

spencer bradley

Indian Summer
Sept 27, 1998
Sonoma State University, CA

The 21st annual Indian Summer was held yesterday at Sonoma State University, Ca. Rain showers delayed the start of the tournament which saw 6 teams of 2 or 3 players compete for the title

Tom Gleason and Doug Korns ended up sixth, but this was by no means a last place routine. These guys are were getting a groove together with some nice co-ops and flowing indys.

Tam Wolfe and Mike Esterbrook took fifth place playing well to the crowd. The hit one consecutive co-op that looked like it could've been taken from Amy & Dave's world mixed routine.

Greg Riley, Mark Blakemore and Dan "Stork" Roddick ended up fourth, but this team played much better than that. These guys had some very cool co-ops and difficult indys hitting lots of against the spin moves and some sweet macs.

Scott Weaver and Glen Whitlock snuck into third place with Weaver hitting a huge combo ending it with an inverted back roll to a behind the head catch. They must have changed the spin 10 times!

Mark Regalbuti and Tom Leitner took second by one tenth of a point. They got all their bonus moves out of the way early and had a great speed flow, but both players lost their footing in the wet grass contributing to a flat section toward the end of their routine.

Matt & Jake Gauthier won their first tournament together showing a variety of co-ops and hit 2 big co-ops including Jake hitting a heel kick to Matt's roll right back Jake's catch. These two were primed and ready to take the title and scored a win for the youth movement.

Thanks for Jim Tobish and his staff for keeping the UFO tradition alive.

the US Open
Aug 29-30th, 1998
Dallas, TX

It was so hot! The biggest news (other than Gregg Hosfeld blowing everyone's mind repeatedly with his psycho-uggo combos) was that Ft Worth legend Russell Doshier got hurt on Thursday and was unable to play with Hanes and Yarnell -- they would have had the only routine capable of giving the World Champs are real test. Steve and Dan picked up Art Viger, who had won Juniors the day before, and they just missed 3rd place.

Russell hurt his calf, so he should be back soon. I didn't really see anyone else's routine, but here's how it wound up:

1. Coddington/Lewis/Murphy
2. Hosfeld/Houck/Kenny
3. Brandt/Brodeur/Whitlock
4. Hanes/Yarnell/Viger


And to add to the list of finishers in freestyle (always the last to be posted!)... The women's freestyle was run in the same fashion as the masters ...a singles event. The format was changed due to the small turn-out of women competitors.

Carla Cheshire made a reappearance as a freestyle competitor after a long five year absence from tournament play. Cheiko Kakimoto also traveled from Japan and played very well. Tita Ugalde and Beth Verish rounded out the competitors from L.A. California. But with the amount of tournament play that Judy has seen this summer, no one was able to take away the title from her. With only one drop and a small bobble, Judy took top honors.

1. Judy Robbins
2. Carla Cheshire
3. Cheiko Kakimoto
4. Tita Ugalde
5. Beth Verish

Collegiate girls....1st place - Christina Burnap (Seattle WA)
Collegiate boys.....1st place -Matt Gauthier (Santa Cruz CA?)
Junior girls...... 1st place - Nikki Ross (Lancester PA)
Junior boys......1st place -Art Viger (Santa Rosa CA?)

There is a great depth to the juniors and collegiate divisions where freestyle is concerned. It was great to see all those fresh faces of the future!!! Watch out Mikey Reid....I saw some great air-time "roots" by Toby Henderson (Seattle) that will challange the best!!

With spin,
Judy Robbins

the Masters
July 18th, 1998
Santa Maria, California


    1. Judy Robbins
    2. Tam Wolfe
    3. Beth Verish
    4. Sue Whitlock

Grandmasters Freestyle:

    1. Steve Hays/Mike "The Farmer" Esterbrook - HOT!
    2. Steve Scannell/Joe Messner/Doug Korns
    3. Mark Horn / Snapper Pierson /Paul Thompson

Colorado Disc or Die
July 3-5, 1998
Ft. Collins, Colorado

Thanks to The Wright Life for putting on a really fun and casual overall competition, with many top competitors attending from as far away as Germany. Freestyle results were:

For those jammers that care about Overall, here are highlights and results from a very competitive overall field:

-Chris "Max" Voigt won this battle of long-arms by beating Scott Stokely, Randy Lahm, and Flo Pfender in distance.

-Year's of working at The Wright Life paid off for Andy Malishenko as he finishes in the top ten overall.

-Harvey catches a big MTA on his last throw to win MTA over Lahm, Stokely, Kirkland, and Voigt.

-Harvey/Robbie beat Conrad/Stokely in a great DDC finals.

Colorado Disc or Die Results continued.....

Women's highlights (evidently forgotten in previously sent results):

Kaili Young crushes the women's field in golf.

Jennifer Griffin big arms the field of women and throws over 100 meters in the finals!

Judy Robbins takes first places in MTA, Accuracy and Freestyle winning the overall by a half point margin over Kaili Young.

A fun time was had by all....and kudos goes to Holly Wright and Gee Kirkland who competed in DDC and Accuracy!

Zzzz's to all,

Judy Robbins

Midwest Freestyle Championships
June 27
Bridgeport CT,

Thousands of spectators watch the Midwest Freestyle Championships at Milwaukee's Summerfest

by Roland B. Rush

Photos of this great venue coming soon!

Tournament Director Steve Jennings successfully organized this tournament that featured perfect playing conditions with one of the largest crowds in recent memory. Summerfest is the world's largest music festival, and the freestyle finals took place on the Cellular One Sports Stage (bigger than a B-Ball court on ground level surrounded by packed grandstands) with a light, steady breeze coming off of Lake Michigan.

This was the first tournament in the FPA's efforts to combine freestyle competitions with existing events to increase spectators. It was a huge success!

After the prelims, the seeding for the finals (in playing order) was: 1. Pat Marron/Steve Jennings, 2. Dave Schiller/Dave Murphy, 3. Seed busters Larry Imperiale/Rick Castiglia, and 4. Dave "The Specialist" Lewis/Arthur Coddington. The finals were held at 7:00pm on Saturday, June 27. The standard FPA system was abandoned as five members of the audience judged Artistic Impression. No team in the finals had more than four drops.

In fourth place were Pat Marron and Steve Jennings. They had only 4 drops. Steve played hot, especially considering he put the mike down and jammed. Steve's high roll sets to double spinning catches got the crowd going. Pat, after his absence from World's due to an injury last year, was lighting quick like the Pat we know. His speed and fluidness is amazing, and he hit some awesome moves. Look for Pat and Steve to shred in Seattle at the Worlds (even though they're not playing together).

Although finishing 3rd, Schiller/Murphy may have been the crowd favorite and definitely hit some huge moves the really got the crowd rockin', playing to The Who's Quadrophenia. The top three teams were really close and this team could easily have been voted first. Their 4 drops and a few bobbles probably was the key to these guys finishing 3rd. The crowd screamed to Murphy's athleticism and awesome moves, and Schiller played his high difficulty came as only he can.

Playing last and finishing second in this tight final was Lewis/Coddington. They also had four drops, but hit some huge moves and some good choreography to the Beatles. On some Artistic Impression sheets these guys had a perfect ten. Lewis hit an amazing consecutive tip combo that even this uneducated crowd appreciated after his 10th tip or so. Arthur's clampers locked onto a double spinning scarecrow that blew the crowd away. Never holding back despite a judging system that may not have recognized the difficulty, Arthur went for a summersault set to a summersault scarecrow attempt - amazing going for a restricted catch after the summersault. These guys or Murph/Schiller may have left as champs with another judging system, but that was not the case today.

Taking top honors were Imperiale/Castiglia, upsetting the highly ranked teams of Schiller/Murphy and Lewis/Coddington. Imperiale/Castiglia had a tightly choreographed routine, the highest difficulty score, and a 9.7 in execution (a drop may have been missed but it still wouldn't have been enough to change the results). Larry took advantage of the humidity to hit some serious angle changes to a kicking series to a gitis that scored a 10 in difficulty, and Rick played in front of his in-laws and hit his disc manipulation moves and got hot.

Any of the top three teams could been awarded the title without any complaint. But in watching the videos afterwards, Rick and Larry were a bit more flowing and smooth which may have been the difference on this day, and this possibly made up for the higher skill level and athleticism of Schiller/Murphy and Lewis/Coddington.

Most importantly, the huge crowd saw a great show and really appreciated it. Next year should be even better with more time to prepare. Due to the short notice, there was no Women's or Mixed division, but Amy Bekken returned to her home town, and her and Dave Schiller performed a demo after the finals just to prove to the crowd that women can get as hot as the men, and the crowd responded. Next year we expect an even greater turnout and the added feature of a Women's or Mixed division.

After the success of this tournament, look for more well attended freestyle events from the FPA in future years! And thanks again to Steve Jennings for putting on a great event.


Conn. state freestyle
June 20th
Ted O wins 3 in a row
Ted O, teamed with Scott Sailor, wins his third open pairs competiton in 4 weeks. This routine in my opinion was truly one of the special routines. The ones that make your hair stand up and gives you goose bumps, the ones that only come around once in a while. Ted and Scott shread!


From: ToddyBro@aol.com

1998 New England Freestyle Championships
June 6th
Narragansett, Rhode Island

A beautiful New England location - Narragansett, RI. The 1998 New England Freestyle Championships was held on a flat grassy area just above a long stretch of white sand beach. Narragansett's central location between New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts make it ideal for a convergence of Zs among east coast jammers, not to mention folks as far away as Idaho. In all, jammers from 7 states attended including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Colorado and Idaho.

Thanks to tournament director, host and MC, Chris DePaola, who treated us to a fun day of jamming and food as well as a night of partying with more food. The day ran smooth as a de-nubbed Sky Styler and ended with a party/award ceremony that included generous prizes and cash (quite nice for a tournament of this size). Main party highlight: freestylers risking body and limb on Chris's backyard rope swing with a poison ivy penalty for falling off. I think all would agree Carl Emerson took the rope swing competition with a successful double back and forth swing. Also, special thanks to Mikey Reid and Jonathan Willet for going the distance to be in Narragansett, as well as Paul Kenny who must have quite the stash of frequent flyer miles.

The tournament got under way with individual freestyle. As if the disc God's had determined the random draw, Brad Keller started us off by proceeding to collect every disc in sight and lay them out in front of him. Was he really going to do a twenty disc routine? No, he didn't use one, and proceeded to pantomime his whole routine with spins, throws and hein imaginary catches. Everyone reacted with a mix of surprise and laughter. The ice was broken and the festivities began.


Individual Freestyle was judged on a scale of one to twenty, with twenty being the maximum score. Pairs Freestyle was judged using Execution (0 - 3), Presentation (0 - 3), Originality (0 - 3), and Energy (0 -1), for a total of 0 to 10 points. Four out of eight pairs went to the finals.

- Seymour Trixx

Minnesota States June 6-7th
Riverside Park, St. Cloud MN

Swedish Qualifier, Sweden
June 1st

Due to rain the freestyle final was moved indoors. Todays top four Swedish teams were all entering the finals.

Forth place went to the high-diff team from the far north, Mathias Nilsson/Bjrn Ahlstrm. Their diff is always high and this time they also showed some nice flow-coops for presentation and variety. They had some problems, much due to not so many jam-hours, but the day they hit their routine they'll be extremely hot.

Third place went to hometown boys Roland Karlsson/Per Johnsson. They showed a nice routine with a lot of interesting stuff. Unfortunately they had to many drops in the beginning of the routine, but worked their way back to a nice finish.

Jan Ekman/Stefan Karlstrm took second. These guys played well more or less the hole routine. Some beautiful flow-coops gave them a great opening. Stefan's smooth style and Jan's spinning behind-the-neck-brush was very nice.

Top spot went to Joakim Arveskar/Stefan Karlsson. They are now undefeated in Sweden for two years and this time they proved, once again, to have a great platform of coops to stand on. A well practised routine and Joakim's hot crowd-pleasing play gave them the victory this time.

After the competition the Big Jam started. This is always one of the highlights at tournaments. All players play together and learn from each other.

The Nationals will, unfortunately, be held the same days as the FPA Worlds. This means that it is hard to say if any Swedes will make it to Seattle

Take care, Stefan Karlsson

Frisbee Commemorative Festival
Bridgeport, CT. on May 30.

Wham-O Invasion
Central Park, New York City, NY
May 22-23

Here is brief rundown on the NY Wham-O Event. (from Roger Meier)

Friday afternoon we had a great day ending in a prelim in the storied Sheep Meadow in the middle of NY's Central Park. The wind was a bit rough and this contributed to a fair number of drops. I believe the results were (top 4 going to finals).

The finals were held at 11:00 am on the road next to the Sheep Meadow, playing on concrete. Wham-O set up a nice stage along with a serious sound system. With a large promotional effort complete with free t-shirts, hula-hoops and frisbees we gathered a good crowd given the early hour (NYers are not early risers). The play was better than the day before with the following results.

    1. Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis (dropless)
    2. Carlos "Pipo" Lopez and Paul Kenney (big crowd favorite)
    3. Pat Rabdau and Krey van Sickle (nice routine as usual, hard time with the small space)
    4. Robert Fried and Doug Simon (some of the hardest individual moves of the finals)

Wham-O did a great job and everyone had a great time as the weather was awesome (though a bit windy).

This is an expanded review of the NYC tournament.

We had a gorgeous week-end here in NYC and all who took part in this event were able to enjoy the activities as well as a full Memorial Day week-end as the official events were over by noon on Saturday. This worked out great as it allowed some to depart for other obligations, and many of us to spend a relaxed day jamming in the Meadow on Saturday.

The event start officially on Friday evening in the Sheep Meadow located in Central park. The Sheep Meadow is a beautiful area that is reserved for relaxing and one recreational activity, that being Disc. You can (and often are) stopped from ball play including baseballs, football and the like. You cannot play Ultimate there, but a casual catch is OK.

Many people came early and there was great jamming prior to the event, with a number of non-entrants enjoying the activities. I have been recovering from a sprained ankle and am only just beginning to play again thus did not enter into the tournament. Also jamming but not playing were Ted Oberhaus, Scott Sailor and other local players.

Brad Keller of Rotation Point Productions was running the Freestyle Competition and was responsible for locating the sites, judging and had the assistance of a few locals as well as the Wham-O Staff. Special thanks should go to Daniel Flores and Lance Redford who as usual were a big help in a wide variety of tournament activities.

The play started at about 6:30 with 10 judges using the rank system. The judges were a combination of freestylers who were not entered (like myself) and others who were familiar with Freestyle. The prelims were four minute routines and there was a boom-box providing music, but this was low as the Meadow is a "quiet-zone".

Steve Scanell and Todd Bradeur were first and had the worst wind of the day. The first few teams also had to contend with low sun that was in line with the wind, creating another hazard. They played well though had a number of drops. With the exception of Arthur and Dave, the other 5 routines had between 11 and 13 drops each.

Bill Dubilear and Richie Regansberg played well, starting out very hot, but cooling off towards the end with some unforced errors. Bill and Richie play a lot together and are able to work well spontaneously with hot Counter play.

Robert Fried and Doug Simon also started off well hitting a number of planned co-ops. Robert then nailed some extended maneuvers and they looked like they would get real hot. But the wind and time caught up and they finished the routine with a number of drops.

Pat Rabdau and Krae started off slowly dropping many in the first half of the routine. But they were able to regroup and got hot towards the end to salvage the routine. Again the wind made their tight routine hard as they have beautiful choreographed routine that is timed to the music.

Carlos Pipo Lopez and Paul Kenney were also hot though had many drops. Paul has improved incredibly and has some of the best turnovers I have seen, with great control of the disc while it is in a variety of orientations.

The evening ended with Arthur and Dave Lewis who played well dropping only about five. They were able to do some of their co-ops and easily won the pre-lim.

The finish between 4th and 5th was as close as it could get with Rob and Doug edging out Bill and Richie Regs.

Evening activities included Mexican food and drinking at a local watering hole that a local NY jammers works in. Spencer Bradley hosted us at the Bourbon Street bar on Amsterdam Avenue. The drinking was restrained as play would resume early the next day with the finals starting at about 11:00.

Saturday was another beautiful day with jammers starting to gather as early as 9:00. Brad Keller and Wham-O put together a great site drawing many eager families to see what the action was all about.

The finals site was "the road" next to the Sheep Meadow. This is a long concrete walk-way between the Sheep Meadow and the Bandshell. It worked well to keep the event contained.

There was (I forget her name) an awesome Hula-Hooper who really amazed all viewers with her hooping talents. Her level of difficulty, consecutive moves and acrobatic abilities were appreciated by jammers and non-jammers as well. My own two kids were there and really enjoyed the activities, Daniel (8) and Lilli (6).

At about 10:30 the "show" began with a demo by a sizzling young woman jammer who performed with her father. They jammed for about 10 minutes and then worked with some kids from the crowd. The freestyle began shortly after this with the announcement of the judges.

The esteemed judges were none-other than myself along with Todd Bradeur from Boston and Jonathon Weinstein, a local jammer. We used the rank system to judge and were placed up on the stage overlooking the play. The crowd formed a relatively small circle for the play and this created a nice atmosphere, if not the best playing conditions.

The first routine was Robert Fried and Doug Simon who played well to set the stage for a quality finals. My highlight was when Doug did an inverted delay right under the nose of a small boy in the audience. As usual Rob went nuts hitting many heinous consecutive moves. They were able to hit many of their co-ops and we were off.

There were mini-shows between the routines; a juggler, hacky-sacker as well as Arthur doing a quick Frisbee demo.

The second team was Krae and Pat. Right when their music started a huge wind gust came up and fortunate for them it blew part of the stage netting onto the playing surface. This slight delay allowed the wind to calm a bit and they started their routine. They were able to maintain their choreographed routine, but had a number of drops as the wind and small playing field was not conducive to this type of routine. All in all it was still a good routine.

Pipo Lopez and Paul Kenney were next and had the crowd going. They displayed real showmanship as they stretched out their seals and were able to bring real excitement to the finals. They had very few drops along with many serious moves.

Arthur and Dave were going to have to play better than they had the day before if they wanted to hold seeding and they did. Going dropless with one bobble they were able to win going away. The play was conservative for them, but this translates into high difficulty for most mortals.

After the finals there was a long Hula-Hoop show with Wham-O giving away Hula-Hoops to all comers and trying to set the record for most hula-hoopers at one time (I am not sure if they succeeded) with a veritable throng of hoopers doing their thing. The jammers were right in there with myself, Doug, Dave Lewis and others trying our hula skills.

I had to leave with my kids and missed the mass Frisbee toss but heard it was good, though a bit congested.

The gang moved next door to the Sheep Meadow for a big day of jamming that must have left a few of us sore for days. It is always great to have this energy to mix with what is already a great local jamming scene. Bill Dubelier hosted us all that evening for a BBQ bash at his Chelsea loft. The party was going strong when I left at the early hour of Midnight! Thanks Bill!

All in all it was a great event! kudos to Wham-O and Arthur and special thanks to Brad Keller, New York's own Frisbee Promoter. Brad was able to work well with Wham-O to locate and set up the site and make this a truly happening event. Brad's local connections with the Parks department allowed Wham-O to come in and go right to work. Brad, though his Rotation Point Productions has brought serious competitive jamming back to New York, as well as starting some programs with local organizations and the schools. The only bad thing about all the work Brad is doing is that we have been deprived of his hot play as his freestyle time has been curtailed by these efforts.

We look forward to his next tournament, the Eastern Nationals(?) scheduled for later this summer.

    Happy trailing edges.......

    Roger Meier

Rhode Island State Championships
Miantonomi Park
Newport, RI
April 25, 1998

Freestyle Results

22nd Annual Virginia States
April 19
914 Monument Ave., Fredricksburg, VA (1.5 hours south of Washington DC)
Mary Washington Frisbee Club

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis/Dave Murphy
2. Larry Imperiale/Ted Oberhaus/Dave Schiller
3. Rob Fried/Doug Simon
4. Toddy Brodeur/Paul Kenny/Jeff O'Brien
5. Phil Cappa/Dale Crawford
6. Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes/Dan Yarnell
7. Harvey Brandt/Tom Lasher/Jay Moldenaur
8. Brad Keller/Scott Sailor

9. Carl Emerson/Jason Southwick
9. Randy Lahm/Brian Meigs/Rick Sader
11. Dave Steger/Dave Taylor
11. Kevin Lawler/Bryan Steffen/Ronnie Turner
13. Dan Berman/Bob Cooksey/Merrill Detwiler
13. Nikki Ross/Richhi Ross
15. Eric Wootten/Heather Wootten/Hunter Wootten
15. Mary Brenner/Paul Brenner/John Schiller
17. Matt Garber/Jason Keller/Alex Luther

The Rimini Open

See pictures and a review

April 10-12th
Rimini, Italy

Jammers, Here on the beach with a 4 PC network sending you results from Rimini, Italy.

All I can say is this event is the most spectacular I have ever seen:

-500 - 600 spectators for the freestyle semi-finals.

-Party last night for 1,000 people with Penne Pasta, Ravioli, Chicken, Salad, and as much wine as you can drink. Live band too.

-5 seperate sounds systems

-Funky conditions for the first time in many Paganellos, but many great jams have happened.

-15 hot jammers are here from Milano - They call the spinning barrell catch Fai la Bill in honor of Bill Wright. I was very impressed with the level of Italian jams. Clay Collera is one of the hottest wind jammers I have seen, he would be at home with Craig Smith and Joey Hudoklin in Santa Barbara.

The finals are about to happen if the wind calms down, so here are the results from the semis and seeding for the finals. Keep in mind a few ultimate teams judged along with some Italian jammers.

7. Geoff Swartz (Poland)- Juro Turan (Slovakia)
6. Bethany Sanchez/Alan Caplin (USA) (They played better than this finish indicated)
5. Ferdinando/George (France)
4. Team Milano (Sebastan/Enrico/Lorenzo) Hot counter jammers!
3. Clay Collera, Johnny Melfi, Morgan Rimini and Milano (Watch out for these guys at WFDF 1999)
2. Reto Zimmerman (Swiss) - Rodney Sanchez (USA)
1. Sune - Thomas Finburod - Imperiale (Norway-USA)


Soak Grove 98

Feb 22nd
Pasadena, CA See a few action

The 1998 Freestyle season officially began yesterday in Pasadena, California as a solid turn out of jammers competed at the Winter Time Open. As expected, it rained on sunday morning leaving the lumpy field wet and slippery. Peter Laubert was overheard saying, "the best thing that happened today was nobody got hurt."

2 rounds were played, a 3 minute semi and a 5 minute final. In the Finals, Randy Wylot and "Fleet Pete" were the surprise team hitting their well choreographed routine placing in the money. Amy and Dave were second performing their state of the art mixed pairs program in the open division. Making a statement that they are a team to be reckoned with all year in the co-op division, Dave M, Dave S and Arthur took the tournament in decisive fashion.

Once again the `Poodle Bash' on Saturday night was an event not to be missed. Picture hundreds of paper plates, pillows and stale bagels flying across a room full of jammers at one of the nicest hotels in LA. There was only one complaint from the newly weds next door who were celebrating their wedding night. Earlier in the day Z had organized a pre tourney jam at fraser Park where around 15 jammers shredded 'till sunset. This is one of the best places to play on the west coast - nice grass field facing the beach with kind wind.

Final Results

- TL

98 Expression Session Review

February 15th
Lakeville, Massachusetts

An excellent time was had by all at the 2nd Annual "Expression Session." Kudos to host Steve Scannell who did an excellent job organizing the event/party. Freestylers from five states attended including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and New York to meet for a wintertime tourney/jam in Lakeville, MA. Also attending were significant others and a rare appearance by Joe Proud, legendary tourney announcer, disc man extraordinaire and winner a numerous freestyle drinking contests, otherwise known to most as "Lick me."

An interesting experiment in video judging, using FPA scoring sheets, resulted in the standings below. The final point results were tight across the board.

Open pair results:

    1) Brad Keller/Scott Sailor
    2) Rick Williams/Carl Emerson
    3) Petri Isola/Alan Caplin
    4) Steve Scannell/Mark Ide
    5) Toddy Brodeur/Chris DePaola
    6) Nikki & Rick Ross

Playing order for open pairs was selected randomly in the order below.

First up: Petri/Alan. Alan and Petri had the highest diff scores and played well-including a total of 8 double spins between them and several co-ops. Petri alone closed four hard double spinning catches including a double laser, flaud, gitis and scarecrow (I thought this was the muy hein and can't remember seeing this in competition recently). Alas, they had a few too many drops and came in third.

Second up: Toddy/Chris. Toddy and Chris came out flowing and working the disc between them well. In spite of too many drops they had high diff. Chris pulled off some moves I haven't seen him do in the few competitions he's been in lately, especially a real nice barrel catch, an excellent UD crow, plus his original rapid gitis pull to a gitis catch.

Third up: Steve/Mark. Other than Nikki and Rikki Steve and Mark had the most planned routine starting out with three discs and juggling. Their ex was good and helped them clinch fourth place, with Steve doing his signature moves. A relative newcomer to competition, Mark raised his level, held his own and helped boost pres scores.

Fourth up: Rick W./Carl. Not knowing in the car who he would jam with, having an unmentioned styler bail on him that morning, Rick teamed up with surprise show Carl Emerson. Both these guys have been around and have their patented moves down. With good ex and both pulling off their moves they came in second. WTG! (Way to go)

Fifth up: Nikki & Rick. We all keep marveling at the progress that Nikki Ross is making (she will rule one day). Both Nikki and Rick played well with some nice speed flow moves and choreography. Plus Rick pulled off a nice crow!

Sixth up: Brad/Scott. These guys from New York came up and pulled the rug out from under New England. With Scott showing improvement every time you see him and Brad doing his NYC flowstyle they pulled out a win. Variety, co-ops and flow says it all.

After open pairs, co-op teams were selected randomly and given 30 minutes to pick music and come up with an impromptu routine. Judges were asked only to name the top team (Petri, Todd & Brad).

Random Co-op results:

    1) Petri, Todd, Brad
    T2) Scott, Alan, Carl
    T2) Rick W., Steve, Nikki
    T2) Rick R., Chris, Mark

After jamming we all went to the Chateau duLac (Steve's) for chow and merriment.

Seymour Trixx