1996 Tournament Results

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1996 Arizona States

- Scottsdale, AZ November 17, 1996 1. Larry Imperiale/Bill Wright (52.1) 2. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis (51.6) 3. Steve Hays/Randy Silvey (46.9) 4. Dan Magallanes/Chuck Richard (44.2) 5. Judy Robbins/Dan Yarnell (42.6) 6. Tom Gleason/Wayne Marcus (40.3) 7T. Peter Laubert/Rick Sader 7T. Ron King/Randy Wylot 9T. Blair Paulsen/Robbie Robison 9T. Randy Lahm/John Schiller 11T. Jennifer Griffin/Allison Wylot 11T. Conrad Damon/Leonard Muise Highlights: * Two drop routine from Larry & Bill in the finals. Arthur & Dave started very cold, dropping their first three co-ops. They pulled themselves together and turned it on to nearly take the win. * Larry & Bill snapped Arthur & Dave's Arizona States win streak at three in a row. * Arthur & Dave went dropless in the prelims, their second consecutive dropless routine in a row (FPA Worlds Pairs was the first). * Some of the proposed judging revisions were tested - the variety checklist and dropping no diff time blocks. * John Schiller competed in freestyle for the first time since 1990 and played great. * Dan Magallanes and Chuck Richard debuted their Scooby Doo routine and won their prelim over powerhouses Larry & Bill and Randy Silvey & Steve Hays.

1996 Texas States

- Austin, TX October 19-20, 1996 Open Freestyle 1. Allen Elliott/Steve Hanes/Dan Yarnell 2. Bob Coleman/John Houck 3T. Thomas Bertrand/Stevie Campbell/Don Wilchek 3T. Blair Paulsen/John Tallent Open Speedflow 5. Jayme Wilson/Dave Villareal 6. Justin Counsellor/Judah Moser 7. David Kelley/Rudy Martinez 8T. Kevin Cardner/Scott Michaelson 8T. Shannon Fosdick/Turner Ray Masters (speedflow except first place) 1. Ed Larrabee/Crawford Shortt (played freestyle) 2. Jeff Cooper/Gary Harris 3. R. Dillingham/Paul G'Sell 4. James Hancock/Jerry Perez Sr. 5. Richard Ahlgrim/Jim Mozola 6. Rick Chavarria/Dave Tayloe Amateur Speedflow 1. Jerry Perez Jr./Alan Stevens 2. Chad Evans/Ray Murray 3. Curtis Benoit/Kent Bray Advanced Speedflow 1. Nick Kelly/Mando Martinez 2. Jimmy Gorman/Les McKay

1996 Southeastern Regional Champs

- Jacksonville, FL October 19-20, 1996 1. Billy Emerson/Gregg Hosfeld 2. Buddy Adams/Paul Kenny 3. Shawn Harrigan/Carlos "Pipo" Lopez 4. Dan Berman/Debbie Emerson 5. Tom Monroe/Scott Talcott 6. Lawrence Frederick/Bob Lewis 7. James Hendricks/John Osgood 8. Ken Climo/C.R. Willey

Tampico Open

. Gitis Beach - Santa Cruz, CA October 19-20, 1996 1st - Skippy Jammer, Tom Leitner, Dave Schiller 2nd - David Lewis, Amy Bekken, Mark Blakemore 3rd - Jakob Gauthier, Joe Messner, Mike Cloud 4th - Doug Korns, Mark Regalbutti, Paul Klimek Saturday's format was random draw threesomes. Routines were 8 minutes long with one timeout. The Pinball Judging system was used. Bonus points for 1) Coop with a roll to another players catch and 2) consecutive brushing between two or more teammates. Super Bonus Points were awarded for 1) Water Gitis and 2) a Skid. 1st - Skippy Jammer, Tom Leitner, David Lewis (sub Dave Schiller) 2nd - Dave Schiller, Amy Bekken (sub Jakob Gauthier) 3rd - Jakob Gauthier, Mike Cloud (sub Skippy Jammer) 4th - Mark Regalbutti, Tim Brattan, Paul Klimek (no sub) Sundays format was predetermined teams of either 2 or 3. Routines were 10 minutes long with two timeouts and one substitution. Sundays play was highlighted by Dave Schiller's Water Gitis which was perfectly timed with an incoming wave. He caught his gitis an instant before the wave hit him producing a huge splash. This caused a chorus of "we're not worthy" from the judges. He ended his routine with a brutal spinning scarecrow. The team of Jammer/Leitner/Lewis started out flat and after warming up sported a solid passing game to tight catches. Skippy caught the mandatory water gitis as time was running out. Teams were given the option of substituting or adding an extra player at any time during the routine. Skippy provided an extra spark to Jakob and Mike's routine subbing in with 5 minutes left. Jakob subbed in and increased Dave & Amy's gitis ratio. And an unplanned substitution happened when an errant air brush went into the crowd and Dave Schiller kept it alive and joined Tommy, Skippy and Dave Lewis for the final 2 minutes of their routine. Every team in the finals used at least one time out - to get a new disc, dry off or just regroup. Jakob Gauthier from Sonoma County continues to improve. Look for more success from the 21 yr. old.

1996 La Mirada Fall One-Day Overall

- La Mirada, Ca October 19, 1996 1. Danny Cameranesi/Arthur Coddington/John Kirkland 2. Tom Gleason/Cliff Towne 3. Chris Horn/Mark Horn/Snapper Pierson 4. Dave Alton/Joe Garcia/Dan Roddick 5. Beth Verish/Bob Verish 6. Christina Ladera/Danelle Mangone 7. Alex Pierson/James Avis 8. Kim Alton/Michelle Loverso 9. Heidi Crowe/Amy

1996 New York States

- Mt. Kisco, NY October 5-6, 1996 Place Team 1 Allen Flood/Ted Oberhaus 2 Phil Cappa/Dale Crawford 3 Pat Rabdau/Doug Simon 4 Jeff O'Brien/Rick Williams 5 Brad Keller/Roger Meier 6 Bill Dubilier/Rich Reilly/Randy Wylot 7 Scott Sailor/Brian Traichel 8 Heather Wootten/Hunter Wootten/Eric Wootten 9 Bo Dorn/Gary Oberreith

1996 Florida States

- Orlando, FL October 5-6, 1996 Place Team 1 Buddy Adams/Paul Kenny 2 Bill Emerson/Gregg Hosfeld 3 David Bonnell/John Osgood 4 Bob Lewis/Shawn Harrigan 5 C. R. Willey/Ken Climo 6 Scott Scholten/Gary Burdick

1996 New England Flying Disc Championships

- Foxboro, MA September 28-29, 1996 Open Place Team lace Team 1 Toddy Brodeur and Randy Wylot 2 Rick Williams and Alan Caplin 3 Chris DePaola and Jason Southwick 4 Greg Hinkley and Tom Whiffen 5 Bill MacWilliams and Dave Johnson Speedflow 1 Peter Anderson and Mark Mudgett 2 Everett Evans and Christina Bordieri 3 Joan Matteuzzi and Tim Cohn 4 Roy Doar and Tyler Doar

1996 Northern California States

September 28-29, 1996 Finals Open 1 Joey Hudoklin/ Larry Imperiale/ Tommy Leitner 2 Carolyn Yabe/ Skippy Jammer 3 Hal Erickson/ Tim Bratton/ Scott Weaver 4 Glenn Whitlock/ Peter Sontag/ Scott Riley 5 Mark Regalbuti/ Steve Hays/ Johnny Omally 6 John Kirkland/ Mark Blackmore/ Greg Riley T7 Doug Korns/ Steve Scannell T7 Tom Gleason/ Jeff Soto T9 Jake & Matt Gauthrie/ Art T9 Mike Esterbrook/ Tom T11 Dan-O/ Jim Tobish T11 Dan Exelby/ Andy Lehman/ Tom Ford T13 Leanard Muise/ Conrad Damon T13 Merle 15 Stick/ Jeff Lewis
It's been 20 years since the first discs were thrown across the soft winds and gentle green fields of Sonoma State College. Just as many things change so too do many things remain the same. This tournament faded from veiw 8 years ago as all the old school players grew up and out leaving only fond memories and hopes of the tourney being somehow rejuvenated in some future time. 3 years ago, a group of motivated students began the paper work that would set the wheels in motion and viola, the tournament returned. 3 years hence and the tournament is again enjoying the spirit of old. As the new staff of the tournament proudly state: "The faces may change but the family still survives". One significant differance between the old tourneys and the new tourneys is the old ones would have Freestyle, Golf and MTA (occasionally distance in place of MTA). The new tourneys have Freestyle,

the new tourneys is the old ones would have Freestyle, Golf and MTA (occasionally distance in place of MTA). The new tourneys have Freestyle, Golf, SCF (MTA & TRC), Double Disc Court, Distance and Accuracy. This part is great news as it serves as a vital tool towards introducing the overall events to the uninitiated. On the down side, if you did every event, you were exhausted. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

One of the richest traditions to the Indian Summer tournaments was the legendary freestyle over the years. This was the same field that witnessed Corey Basso and Evan David set the standard of play. The Roberts Brothers (Matt and Brian) would also show up and rip it up. John Jewell will always be remembered for one of his legendary "Headlight" jams. Other shred masters of yore were locals Skippy Jammer, g rose, Margaret Curtis and Rodney Sanchez. Others such as Joe Hudoklin and Richie Smits are remembered for the "Single Propulsion" routine which featured a simple padiddle to start the routine. They went dropless and had only one catch, the final one.

This year featured perhaps the greatest routine in the rich history of the tournament. Joey Hudoklin, Larry Imperiale and Tom Leitner played absolutly out of this world. The crowd and judging crew went crazy at every exciting juncture as the team pushed the difficulty catagory to an unbelievable level. The judging system used for the tournament was the "Pinaball" system which features Bonus Points for certain moves and "Super Bonus" points for certain moves that were even harder. This team scored perfectly on all judging sheets for the bonus and super bonus catagories. In a fairly close second place Skippy Jammer teamed up with Carolyn Yabe. This was the only pairs teams in the finals (teams were either 2 or 3). Third place went to the exciting team of Hal Erickson, Scott Weaver and Tim Brattan. The overall team of Peter Sontag, Scott Riley and Glen Whitlock shreded their way to 4th place. 5th place went to "Booty and the Beast": Mark Regalbutti, Steve Hayes and Johnny O'Malley. Filling out the ranks was legendary John Kirkland and his teammates Greg Riley and Mark Blackmore. Some other teams of note were local young guys Jacob and Matt and their scrawny side-kick-shred-boy Art. A number of old timers made appearences. Most notably John Wright, Dan Exelby, Mike Esterbrook, Tom Gleason, Jeff Soto, Jimmy Zuur and Bobo Disco (Bob Gossett).

Skippy Jammer

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PS Joey says "Tommy through the most z's ever and I had to tell the judges that "there's so much xxxing z's here", then somebody yelled , "so do something with it."

so Joey figured "if your gonna go somewhere you better get something!" and he acted accordingly.