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Nice newspaper article about the upcoming FPA Worlds event in Seattle, Washington. (scheduled for Jul 29-31, 2005)

Dori and Hila Yaniv win the Israel Freestyle Championships in Hertzeliya, Israel. (August 20, 2005)

Rik Downs/Steve Scannell win 'My Old Kentucky Jam'. Taylorsville, KT (August 13-14, 2005)

Steve Jennings/Pat Marron win the Wisconsin States. Madison, WI (August 13-14, 2005)

Stefan Karlsson/Joakim Arveskar win the 2005 Swedish Championships. Uppsala, Sweden (August 5-6, 2005)

Fried/Petri Isola and Ted Oberhaus get wins at the Narragansett/Rhode Island Jam. (August 6, 2005)

Dave Schiller sweeps 3 Categories and ESPN covers the Freestyle Frisbee World Championships held in Seattle, WA (July 29-31, 2005)

Randy Silvey edges Tom Leitner to win the Superhein title. Seaside, OR (Jul 23-24, 2005)

Article on Mary Lowry from the Seattle Times. (July 24, 2005)

Skippy Jammer/Tom Leitner & Skippy Jammer/Tom Leitner/Carolyn Hubbard win at the Santa Cruz Beach Classic. Santa Cruz, CA (July 17-18, 2005)

Lorenzo Apriani/Tom Leitner edge Gregory Lo-A-Sjoe/Edoardo Favorini at the Nass Freestyle Challenge. Somerset, England (July 9-10, 2005)

Antonio Cusma/Matteo Feller and Matteo Gaddoni/Elena Dal Gesso/Andrea Dini win at the Rototom Reggae SunSplash Frisbee Freestyle Challenge. Osoppo - Udine Italy Jul 1-3 2005

Dave Lewis/Arthur Coddington beat Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger to win the 2005 WFDF World Overall Championships. San Diego, CA (June 27-July 1, 2005)

Gregory Lo-A-Sjoe/Fabio Sanna and Lorenzo Apriani/Jan Soerensen/Roland Karlsson win at the European Freestyle Championships in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (June 18-19, 2005)

Andrea Meola/Antonio Cusma edge Clay Collera/Matteo Gaddoni to win Vagolino. Milan, Italy (June 11-12, 2005)

Edoardo Favorini/Tom Leitner edge Fabio Sanna/Tommy Gereben in Austria at the Flying Disc/Footbag Challenge held in conjunction with the World Cup of Kite Surfing Podersdorf, Austria (April 30 - May 1, 2005)

Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger beat Carlos 'Pipo' Lopez/Jonathan Willett/Paul Kenny to win the open division as Cindy Kruger and Jake Gauthier won mixed at 'The Jammers' beach freestyle event. Jacksonville Beach, FL (Apr 23-24 2005)

Joey Hudoklin/Rob Fried/Ted Oberhaus hit an almost flawless routine to win the Virginia States. Fredricksburg, VA (Apr 9-10 2005)

Hartmut Wahrmann/Boguslaw Bul took 1st place as 30 players competed at the German Freestyle Championships in Berlin, Germany. (April 2-3, 2005)

Edoardo Favorini/Tom Leitner and Clay Collera/Larry Imperiale/Tom Leitner win the Paganello Freestyle Challenge. www.paganello.com Rimini, Italy (March 24-28, 2005)

Arthur Coddington/Carl Dobson edged Mark Regalbuti/Scott Weaver to win the San Francisco 'Wintershred' event. Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA (Mar 6 2005)

Iwan de Moor and Jan Soerenson win the Scandiland Open in Esjberg, Denmark. (Feb 5-6, 2005)

Jonathan Willett/Mikey Reid are edged by .1 point by Pat Marron/Paul Smith at the US Indoors in the shawdows of the Grand Tetons. Teton Valley, WY (Jan 22-23, 2005) The 2004 News Archives, 2003 News Archives

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