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  2003 News Archives

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Clay Collera' edges Lorenzo Apriani at the first ever RomaShred. Rome, Italy (Dec 6, 2003)

Randy Silvey and Matt Gauthier light up the crowd at the 28th Arizona States. Scottsdale, AZ USA (Nov 8-9, 2003)

Download videos from the FPA Worlds from Fabio Sanna's freeskyler.com web site.
Read a short review of this landmark event and see all the results from the 2003 Pro Disc Freestyle World Championships(aka FPA Worlds) held in Rimini, Italy, Sept 5-7, 2003.

Doug "Fresh" Simon/Carlos "Pipo" Lopez, Toddy Brodeur and Anne Graves/Carlos "Pipo" Lopez take the top spots at the Narragansett Freestyle Frisbee Beach Jam. Narragansett, RI USA (July 26, 2003)

Congratulations to the teams of Dave 'Spike' Lewis/Arthur Coddington and Mary Lowery/Judy Robbins for winning gold at the 2003 World Disc Games in Santa Cruz, CA (July 6-13, 2003)

Chip Bell and Bill Wright take first at the Masters held in Madison, WI. (June 22-27, 2003)

Lorenzo and Sebastian win at Vagolino, Milan, Italy. (June 14-15, 2003)

Kenny/Yarnell and Lopez/Graves win at The Jammers Championship, Jacksonville Beach, FL. (May 31 - June 1, 2003)

See Spinmasters Tommy Leitner and Sune Wentzel at Nike Freestyle Faceoff events in Europe this spring and summer!

Dave Murphy, Dave Schiller and Amy Schiller win at the San Diego Beach Frisbee Championships. Mission Beach, San Diego (April 26-27, 2003)

Sune Wentzel, Tommy Leitner and Paul Kenny win the Paganello Freestyle Challenge. Rimini Beach, Italy (April 17-20, 2003)
See the Co-op results, Open Pairs results, and pictures from Paganello 2003.

Oberhaus/Lopez/Sailor take first place at The Virginia States. Fredericksburg, VA (April 13, 2003)

Matt Gauthier is the super hein champion at the Seaside Freestyle tournament. (Mar 22, 2003)

Tom Leitner and Johnny O'Malley take 1st place at the Ocean Beach Wintershed. San Francisco, CA. (Feb 23, 2003)

Pat Marron and Paul Smith win the US Indoors in Driggs, ID. (Jan 18, 2003)

Peter Laubert and Dave Murphy win the 27th Arizona States held in Scottsdale, AZ (Nov 9-10, 2002)

Frisbee players around the world mourn the loss of "The father of frisbee". Steady Ed Headrick passed away today at the age of 78. Le Selva Beach, CA (August 12, 2002) California Freestyle Open results Yuba City, CA (Sept 7-8, 2002)

Results, pictures and videos from the World Freestyle Frisbee Championships Boston, MA (July 12-14, 2002)

Imperiale/Rogers/Kenny and Hanes/Chantiles won at the Masters held in Charlton, MA (July 16-20)

Coddington/Lewis & Kruger/Kenny win the 2002 Summerfest Open - part of the Milwaukee Summerfest Music Festival. Milwaukee, WI. (June 29-30, 2002)

Claudia/Enrico win the first ever freestyle tournament in Milan, results from Vagolino!. Milan, Italy (June 29-30, 2002)

Imperiale/Hesselberth win the Colorado States. (June 29-30, 2002)

Jammer/Mitchel & Jammer/Mitchel/Leitner win at the Santa Cruz Beach Classic - Santa Cruz, CA. (June 22-23, 2002)

Wendt/Hughes win the freestyle event at the Minnesota States Overall Championship in St. Cloud, MN (June 22-23, 2002)

The team of Deaton Mitchel/Dave Murphy/Ted Oberhaus took first at the Virginia States, Fredericksburg, VA (April 12-14, 2002)

60,000 spectators attended the Acrobatic Paganello Ultimate/Freestyle tournament in Rimini, Italy. The freestyle event was a great success! Team Texas edged the Team of Marron/Lopez/Leitner for the title. Rimini, Italy (March 29th - April 1st, 2002)

Team Chaka Waka won the Italian Freestyle Championships in Circeo Beach National Park, Italy (March 2-3, 2002)

Lewis & Murphy win at Oak Grove Pasadena, CA (Feb 17, 2002)

Jake Gauthier/Carlos "Pipo" Lopez won pairs and Todd Brodeur won the solo event at the New England Indoor Freestyle Frisbee Championships. Brockton, MA (Feb 16, 2002)

Mardi Gras Freestyle Jam 2002 - a rippin' good time. New Orleans, LA (Feb 9-10, 2002)

The teams of McCarthy/Schiller (womens), Lewis/Coddington (open pairs), Lewis/Coddington/Schiller (open co-op), and Jorgenson/Yarnel(mixed pairs) all won world titles, while Nikki Ross and Zach Montes won juniors division world titles at the FPA World Championships. See pictures and results from the event. San Diego, CA (October 19-21, 2001)

Leitner/Schiller and Graves/Robbins won the open pairs and women's pairs events respectively at the World Flying Disc Federation Championships. San Diego, CA (July 27-28, 2001)

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