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  2008 News Archives

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Balu and Gery won pairs and co-op - with Pavel Baranyk, at the Slovak Freestyle Open in Bratislava. (Dec 13-14, 2008)

Judith Haas/Robert Dittrich edged out Sascha Scherzinger/Anton Capellmann to win the 2nd annual Jik Jam in Cologne, Germany. (Dec 13-14, 2008)

Paul Kenny/Randy Silvey squeezed by Fabio Sanna/Emmanuele Faustini to win pairs, Claudio Cigna/Fabio Sanna/Antonio Cusma won co-op and Fabio Sanna/Eleonora Imazio won mixed at the 2nd annual 'Mazapegul' International tournament in Fori', Italy. (Nov 29-30, 2008)

Matt and Jake Gauthier took 1st and 2 all-women teams Lisa Hunrichs/Lori Daniels/Mary Lowry and Amy Schiller/Bethany Porter Sanchez placed 2nd and 3rd respectively at the Arizona States. Scottsdale, AZ (Nov 8-9, 2008)

Clay Collera'/Claudio Cigna edge Fabio Sanna/Valerio Occorsio in pairs and Clay Collera'/Claudio Cigna/Matteo Gaddoni beat out Manuel Cesari/Andrea Poli/Marco Prati in co-op at the Italian Freestyle Championships in Roseto, Italy. Eleonora Imazio/Fabio Sanna took 1st in the mixed division. (Oct 18-19, 2008)

Arthur Coddington/Skippy Jammer edged Mark Regalbuti/Carolyn Yabe to win the Indian Summer event at Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA. (Oct 5, 2008)

Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini and Tom Leitner/Fernando Botrugno/Lorenzo Apriani took 1st in pairs and co-op while Carlo Perrone/Cristina Nicolardi and Lorenzo Apriani/Fabiana Ciciriello tied for 1st in mixed at the Italian Open at Corallo Beach, Rome - Ostia, Italy. (Sep 6-7, 2008)

Matteo Gaddoni/Christian Lamred won the 2008 Butch Cassidy Cup held in Karlsruhe, Germany. (Sep 6-7, 2008)

Arthur Coddington/Skippy Jammer won the San Francisco Sumershred. (Aug 31, 2008)

The freestyle frisbee community mourns the passing of Tom "Tommer" Gleason.

Matteo Gaddoni/Fabio Sanna, Clay Collera'/Reto Zimmerman/Joakim Arveskaer, and Eleonora Imazio/Fabio Sanna all win titles at the European Freestyle Championships (EFC) in Prague, Czech Republic. The event was held in conjuction with the World Footbag Championships. (Aug 16-17, 2008)
Tim Mackey/Pat Marron won the Wisconsin States in Sheboygan, WI. (Aug 16-17, 2008)

Tom Leitner/Jan Schreck won the BerlinJammaz Hat tournament in Berlin, Germany. (Aug 9, 2008)

70+ years of frisbee is finally rewarded as Clay, Reto and Joakim win their first World Titles at The 2008 FPA World Championships in San Lazzaro, Bologna, Italy (July 31-Aug 3, 2008)

See the FPA Worlds photo gallery - over 100 pictures! (July 31-Aug 3, 2008)

Joakim Arveskaer/Andreas Jaderyd won the Swedish Open in Linköping, Sweden. (Jul 23-27, 2008)

Fabio Sanna and Eleonora Imazio won pairs and Fabio Sanna, Claudio Cigna and Paolo Cipolloni won co-op at the 2nd Salento Tournament in southern Italy. (July 19-20, 2008)

Doug Korns and Steve Scannell edged Harvey Brandt and Rick Wiiliams to win at the US Open in Reading, PA. (July 18-19, 2008)

Dave Lewis and Dave Murphy edged both Arthur Coddington/Paul Kenny and Larry Imperiale/Fabio Sanna to win the World Disc Games title. (July 4-6, 2008)

Marco "Cega" Prati and Matteo "Gaddoz" Gaddoni won the Rototom Flying Station freestyle challenge in Osoppo, Udine, Italy. (July 5-6, 2008)

Fabio Sanna/Tom Leitner won pairs and tied for 1st in co-op with partner Matteo Feller along with the team of Lorenzo Apriani, Boguslaw Bul and Christian Lamred at AmsterJam in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (June 21-22, 2008)

Cristian Lamred and Florian Hess win pairs and co-op with Carsten Heim at the German Freestyle Championships at Friedrichshafen, Germany. (June 7-8, 2008)

Claudio Cigna and Clay Collera' edge Fabio Sanna and Serge Marconi to win Vagolino. Milan, Italy (June 7-8, 2008)

Capocotta Jams - new video collection page. (May, 2008)

Alessandro "Doccetta" Damiano/Marco "Zecca" De Lucia win the 'Torneo del Cappello' Hat Tournament at Corallo Beach. See the video Ostia - Rome, Italy (April 25, 2008)

Arthur Coddington/Carl Dobson edged out Neil Tolan/Mike Galloupe the WinterJam at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA (April 13, 2008)

The team of Randy Silvey/Dave Lewis/Pat Marron won the Virgina States tournament with Toddy Brodeur/Dan Yarnell placing 2nd. Fredericksburg, VA (April 12-13, 2008)

Fabio Sanna/Tom Leitner and Paul Kenny/Clay Collera'/Manuel Cesari got wins at the Paganello Freestyle Challenge as 55 freestylers and 1,700 ultimate players competed in Rimini, Italy. (March 21-23, 2008)

Podcast Interview with Joey Hudoklin - the Legend himself, talks about his experience at Paganello, finally getting to meet new generation of players and about his take on the history of the sport from his early years in New York to his stint on the Bud Light Frisbee team. Have a listen to the John Z Weyland Interview and other podcasts as well. by John Coxhead & Joe McGrave - UkDiscstyle, Preston, UK (March 23, 2008)

Fabio Sanna/Tom Leitner and Fabio Sanna/Tom Leitner/Andrea Rimatori won the Czech Open 'Frisbeer Cup' event in Prague, Czech Republic. (Feb 16-17, 2008)
See the review and video from the event.

The 3 day Freestyle Jam Camp - The Los Angeles Jam Camp was a big sucess!
(Dec 28-30, 2007)

UTL silhouette
Alessandro Damiano jamming on the beach near Rome, Italy (Nov, 2007)

The Book of Cool - has won 3 people's choice Webby Awards! The DVD/Book set features over 2 dozen 'professors of cool' (including freestyle frisbee) - and is now available in stores in the UK. (June, 2006)

The instructional Video 'The Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle' is now included free with the purchase of a Wham-O freestyle disc! (in many locations)

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