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  2004 News Archives

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Nando and Moxy win the Torneo del Cappello on the beach near Rome, Italy (Dec 11-12, 2004)

Mouss and Julien win in Paris at the Invalides Open. Paris, France (Nov 14, 2004)

Matt Gauthier/Dave Lewis tie for first with Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger at the 29th Annual Arizona States. Scottsdale, AZ (Oct 30-31, 2004)

Edoardo Favorini wins RomaShred as 30 players compete at Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy. (Oct 23-24, 2004)

Tommy Gereben, Fabio Sanna and Stefano Mestroni win co-op and Antonio Cusma and Andrea Meola win pairs as players from 6 countries competed at the European Freestyle Championships. Viareggio, Italy (Sept 25-26, 2004)

Clay Collera and Fabbio Sanna win the Torneo Citta' di Milano. Milan, Italy (Sept 19, 2004)

Steve Scanell and Rik Downs win the Tennessee States. Nashville, TN. (Sept 18-19, 2004)

Skippy Jammer and Tommy Leitner win the Santa Cruz Open. Santa Cruz, CA (Sept 12, 2004)

Fabio Sanna edges Kolja Hannemann to win the 'Jam on Go' Turboshred in Nuremberg, German. (Sep 4-5, 2004)

Dave Bailey/Danny Sullivan win the Beach Bowl in Malibu, California. (Aug 27, 2004)

Brodeur/Imperiale/Kenny, Coddington/Lewis, Silvey/Gauthier and Silvey/Kruger win at the FPA World Championships in Rimini, Italy. (Jul 29 - Aug 1, 2004)

Toddy Broduer and Pipo Lopez win the AmsterJam as 45 players compete in the Netherlands. (Jul 24-25, 2004)

Rick Williams and Petri Isola win the New England Overall at Wickham Park. (July 23-25, 2004)

Tommy Gereben and Fabio Sanna tie for 1st at the Rumba Cup. Hohenzell, Austria (June 26-27, 2004)

Petri Isola/Pipo Lopez/Toddy Broduer win the open division and Toddy also wins the individual jam at the Narragansett Jam in Rhode Island (June 26, 2004)

Pipo Lopez/Dave Schiller win pairs and Dave and Amy Schiller win mixed at the WBI Aloha Beach Festival event in Ventura, CA (June 19-20, 2004)

Rick Castiglia/Jamie Chantiles go dropless and win at 'Disc or Die'. Fort Collins, CO (June 19, 2004)

Tim Mackey/Rick Schneider/Pat Marron win the Minnesota States event in St. Cloud, MN (June 19-20, 2004)

Collera/Leitner edge Piccioni/Meola as 27 players compete at Vagolino. Milan, Italy (June 12-13, 2004)

Lopez/Brodeur edge Murph/Mitchel on the beach in Jacksonville at the Jammers tournament. Jacksonville Beach, FL (May 22-23, 2004)

Antonio Piccioni and Andrea Meola win the 'Flying Disc Opening' in Podersdorf, Austria. (May 1-2, 2004)

Joey Hudoklin, Rob Fried and Doug "Fresh" Simon win the Virginia States. Fredericksburg, VA. (April 17-18, 2004)

Clay Collera and Tom Leitner win pairs and Reto Zimmerman, Paul Kenny and Gary Aurbach win co-op at Paganello. Rimini, Italy (April 8-12, 2004)

Randy Silvey wins the Superhein Seaside shred tournament. Seaside, Oregon (May 27, 2004)

Dave Schiller and Tom Leitner win the San Francisco Wintershred. San Francisco, CA (May 6, 2004)

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